I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas.  Oh, wait, we just did that.  Ok, I feel like a little kid waiting for the timer to buzz while watching the cookies bake in the oven.  It’s so close you can almost taste them.

Except there’s no little kid, no oven and no cookies.  There’s me, the UPS truck and my NEW DIGITAL CAMERA!  And instead of a timer I have the UPS delivery update screen.  Which I think is completely busted.  My camera arrived in MD on the 30th and it’s been sitting there ever since.  What is going on?!  Did the UPS delivery driver have a party to go to and he thought he’d borrow my camera?  The update screen says it’s in-transit and on-time for delivery on the 5th.  What?!  They expect it to take FIVE days to go from MD to VA?  (Go ahead, check Google maps.)  I can drive to AZ faster than that!  Oh alright…. there was a holiday in there and a Sunday.  But we’re still talking 3 days for a drive that would take less than half of a day.  This is why I rarely shop online.  I’m waaaaay too impatient.

My new camera is actually my hubby’s Christmas gift to me.  He even let me pick it out and tell him what he got for me 😉  My old camera is slowly dying.  I can take a few basic pictures (forget using any settings like Sport or Macro) and upload them to my PC but I can’t delete pictures on the camera or expect it to hold a charge longer than a few hours.  So sad really because it’s been a pretty good little camera.  I won’t mourn it’s passing for very long though.  My NEW camera is a 12.2 megapixel SLR!!!!!  I’m going to be able to see the pores on my kids’ faces.  I cannot wait until the UPS driver knocks on my door… in fact, I should probably go check the UPS site again… maybe they’ve updated it…


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