2010 so far…

This new year rocks!  I’ve had way less calories this year, haven’t gotten sick, been an excellent parent and wife and spent hardly any money.  Ok so it’s only been 2 days.  But still…. it’s off to a great start! LoL!

It’s been awhile since we – and by we I mean my hubby and I – stayed up to ring in the new year.  This year we – and by we I mean the whole family – were invited to a party.  It was a laidback affair – my favorite kind of party.  The tv upstairs had on the Tech game, the bigscreen tv downstairs had the Wii, and there was plenty of good food.  Amazingly the kids didn’t monopolize the Wii all night.  There were some toddlers and babies present so ya’ll can guess how Chickie spent the majority of the night.  One of the moms wanted to know if she was old enough to babysit yet.  When she found out Chickie is only 10 she said, “Call me in 3 years!”  I didn’t have the heart to tell her that she’d have to get in line….  The Boy spent time on the Wii, watching some football, eating some food.  Rinse and Repeat.  Beans spent 99% of the night with the dog.  She is in love with their puppy bassett hound.  She follows him everywhere and then he follows her everywhere.  When the pup finally had to go to bed Beans discovered that one of the guys at the party was a great jungle gym.  She rang in the new year by doing a headstand on his shoulder (he was sitting on the couch and she used the wall for balance).  We all skipped the traditional ball drop for the guy jumping the car.  Woo-hoo! 

Last night our small group opted for a fun night at Thunder Valley.  They sell a wristband that gives you 2 hours of all the go-karting, laser tagging and mini-golfing you can handle.  There was a freezing wind so we skipped the mini-golf and the outdoor karts in favor of the indoor karts and laser tag.  It was my first time playing tag and it was fun!  I’m great at zapping the target not so good at not getting hit.  Doesn’t help that my hubby was being a sniper and he had his sights set on me!  The karts had to be the favorite of the night though.  We quickly learned which karts were the fastest and which ones could hug the corners.  Even sitting out and watching the boys race was a blast.  Our pastor is hilarious.  He laughed non-stop.  He suggested that we move our small group there every week.   We could discuss our Bible study as we pass each other around the track. LoL!

So how about you?  How did you ring in the new year?  Has it started off with a bang?


One response to “2010 so far…

  • littletiger

    steve and I rang in the new year by watching the ball drop and immediately going to sleep … it was a quieter year end for us, but with Joshua still settling in – we didn’t want to be out late with him. But you are right, 2010 is great so far … we’ve put away most of the Christmas stuff and cleaned up the house … and gotten a lot of “us” time … so desperately needed!

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