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This looks to be a very interesting movie!


Slow and Steady

I finally got around to painting the 2nd set of upper cabinets.  Woo-hoo!  I still want to add some corbels underneath and some crown molding on the top.  But that’s step 47 in our 329 step kitchen remodel!  I didn’t bother painting the lower cabinets since we still plan to replace them.  No sense in wasting all that time, energy, paint and money!

Without further fanfare…. Here’s the before/after shot:

Acts 2

Often times I hear people wish that they knew what God wanted them to do… that they feel that God’s answers are cryptic or that answers to prayer take so long.  I know that I have felt that way.  “God, can we move home now?” … *chirp* … … *chirp* … 

But other times I feel that God is answering in LOUD, CLEAR messages.  It’s me that’s distracted or stubborn or lazy or selfish.  That’s not the answer I wanted so I’ll just ignore it until I think I hear what I want.  How many of us have done that? 

Right now I’m somewhere between the two.  Everywhere I turn I’m studying Acts (specifically chapter 2), fellowship with community, evangelism, generous giving…  I hear that loud and clear.  But, exactly what am I supposed to do?  I know that I am supposed to make some changes (BIG changes I think).  Part of me wants to wait until my hubby is on the same page (he’s only a page or two away) but I think perhaps that’s the coward’s way.  Part of me wants to row and let God steer but I am afraid.  Hmmm… that’s interesting.  I think, perhaps, it’s not failure that I’m really afraid of… I think it’s the fear of unchartered waters ahead. 

I’m sitting here for a little while… swirling in the water… waiting for direction that isn’t going to come until I start rowing… waiting for the courage to dip the oars into the water… nervous yet excited…


Sometimes we look for the big things to love – things like holidays or vacations.  Or sometimes we look for something special to love – baby’s first lock of hair or the first piece of jewelry our spouse gave us.  Nothing is wrong with that.  But sometimes we miss loving the simple things in our daily lives.

I love that, as a family, we sit down at the table and have dinner together.  I don’t know too many families that do that any more.  It’s something that I take for granted.  At some point our kids are going to grow up and get busy – with jobs, friends, sports… and they won’t always be at the table.  I am cherishing this time that we have together at the table.

One of the traditions that my hubby and I have is to play a game while we’re eating.  We tried letting the kids play with us but there was more playing and less eating going on.  So for now they cheer us on and give us pointers.  If we don’t have plans after dinner the kids will usually join in a game or two.  It’s a great time for all of us to reconnect and for my hubby and I to get some one-on-one time in the midst of family time.

Happy Love Thursday Saturday!

I’m baaack… no I’m not… yes I am…

My computer guru ran a deep scan and cleared the virus off of my computer.  Yay!!

He returned the computer to me.  Yay!!

I turned the computer on and there weren’t any fake virus messages.  Yay!!

I clicked on Internet Explorer. … … … and nothing happened.  Boo!!

I called my computer guru and played phone tag for half of the day.  Boo!!

I finally got ahold of him.  Yay!!

He suggested I reboot everything – modem, router, computer.  Okay!!

I clicked on Internet Explorer. … … … and nothing happened.  Boo!!

I clicked on Safari. … … … and nothing happened.  Boo!!
(but I did get a better error message)

I played phone tag with my computer guru.  Boo!!

I downloaded Firefox on my hubby’s laptop and copied onto my laptop.  Yay!!

I clicked on Firefox. … … … and nothing happened.  Boo!!
(but I did get an even better error message)

I used my hubby’s laptop to Google the error message.  Yay!!

I found an answer on a forum.  Yay!!

I made changes to my network and clicked on Firefox. … … … and got the Internet!!  YAY!!!!!

Did you backup?

Remember when I posted about my laptop having the blue screen of death and I encouraged ya’ll to backup your computers?  Did you?  Me neither.

Guess what?

My laptop now has some stupid virus that is attempting to disguise itself as a ‘microsoft anti-virus protection’ program.  I had FOUR different warnings on my screen all at once.  One of them being a hijacked website that blocked every other site I tried to access.  I rebooted into safe mode and ran my AVG program.  Half the files it tried to access were “locked” – I’m sure that’s where the virus is hiding.  Grrrrrrr!!!

Time to call up the computer doctor (again!) and see how much it will cost to rescue my laptop.  And then I want to find out how to build Fort Knox around it!!  So irritating.  In the meantime, my hubby is sharing his laptop with me… the laptop with Vista… almost not worth using it… almost.

Home Ec

The closest I ever came to taking a home ec. class in school was a stenciling class I took in junior high.  We had to learn to sew little pillows that we later stenciled with flowers, family trees and random pictures.  I never had a full-on home ec. class to teach me cooking, sewing and whatever else it is they teach you in those classes.  My mother was my teacher.  The summer between 7th and 8th grade was spent sewing clothes – including a zebra striped skirt (aren’t you jealous?!).  I didn’t spend as much time in the kitchen but I did learn the basics.

I still call her up on the phone, “Mom… how do you cook…”  I even saved up my sewing projects for the trip home last summer.  I have a small little machine that hates me but if I absolutely have to fix a hem – I can.  My mom bought me a machine and my dad cleaned it all up.  It’s sitting in Phoenix waiting for my return.  (Of all things to bribe me back with…. LoL)

I was excited this afternoon to discover this blog:
Oh yeah baby!  I’ve only perused the first page and I’m already in love.  That spinach salad sounds so good.  And the meal planning?  Yay!!  So take a peek for yourself and see what you think.

And if you feel like commenting (looking in the direction of Botetourt… 😉  let me know what home-ec projects you’re working on or want to work on…