Acc. On

Cars have a feature that allows you to turn the accessories on without having to actually start the car.  It comes in handy when you’re waiting in a parking lot for someone.  You can listen to the radio, roll down the windows or just check the time.  It’s a handy feature to have. 

On a car.

I have discovered that I, too, have a feature that turns on accessories without getting the motor running.  Every Wednesday my hubby works in a neighboring town – which means he needs to wake up an hour earlier – 4 a.m.  I have finally gotten used to his alarm and most mornings I don’t even hear it.  But there’s something about Wednesdays…. if I manage to sleep through his alarm then the bathroom light creeps under my eyelids or I hear him shuffling about in the dark – trying so hard to be quiet.  Some mornings I’m able to roll over and snuggle the cool spot on my pillow and drift right back to sleep.  Unfortunately, most mornings my brain slips into ‘Accessories On’ mode.  The radio in my head pops on to some annoying all talk station.  It really wouldn’t be so bad if I actually started at 4:30 in the morning.  It would be nice to enjoy some quiet time before the kids all wake up.  But I don’t.  It just drains my battery.  I lay there trying to switch the station to a soothing ocean – to shut that voice off so I can fall back asleep.  There are mornings that it is quite literal.  I’ll put in a movie and turn the volume down to the point that I can barely hear the action and hope that it will distract my brain without engaging me in the movie.

This morning I kept telling myself that if I rolled over one more time I was going to get up and put on a movie.  I was almost to that point when Beans stumbled into the room and asked if she could sleep with me for awhile.  Ah, another trick to use… sometimes hearing a baby or child breathing in their sleep will lull me into a peaceful slumber.  Or I end up just laying there listening to them breathe.  Which is exactly what happened this morning.  And then this post popped into my head.  I gave up the battle, grabbed my quilt and plopped on the couch.  I’ll probably put on a Netflix movie in the hopes that I will snooze but it’s getting dangerously close to The Boy’s natural wake up time.  If all else fails there’s always naptime!


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