Did a pig just fly by my window?

“Have yourself a Merry little Christmas…”  “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…”  “Frosty the snowman…” 

How many times have you heard the same holiday tune while out shopping or cruising in your car?  For years I’ve thought that there must only be 10 Christmas songs and every store had them on an endless loop.  They didn’t think you’d notice it was the same song if last time it was Bing Crosby, this time it was Elvis and next time it would be the Chipmunks.  But I was on to them….  I became the Scrooge of Christmas music.  One of the only times my former boss got angry with me was when I slapped on a pair of headphones in protest to the office Christmas music.

I have had my fingers so firmly wedged into my ears that I haven’t noticed the change in music.  Sure they still play those same 10 songs but they’ve finally added enough new songs to shake up the playlist!  I still refuse to play any of those stations that play nothing but Christmas music starting the day after Thanksgiving.  But I have actually rocked the iPod with some festive tunes this year.  The whole ONE cd that I have.  While I don’t mind listening to it twice my hubby, on the other hand, quickly changes the playlist after one rotation of the songs.  Which brings me to you, my faithful friends…. What’s new on your Christmas playlist?  And what’s the one song that’s gotta be on there – old or new?


2 responses to “Did a pig just fly by my window?

  • Matt

    Reliant K’s “Let it Snow, Baby… Let it Reindeer” is one of our favorite albums this time of year. I also love the Sarah MacLaughlin album “Wintersong”. This year I bought the Sting album that Starbucks was selling at the check out…

    of course, my cell phone ringtone right now is dogs barking Jingle Bells…



  • littletiger

    I literally live on Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Christmas music! They have written so many new Christmas songs that are beautiful and if you listen through each album – you see the story being told! It’s beautiful music …

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