Calgon take me away…

A friend of mine posted a status update on FB that said: Is wondering if anyone else ever gets on the interstate alone & gets the ya-ya urge to just keep driving til she hits Mexico & “disappear” for awhile??

She read my mind.  Especially today.  I don’t know what has gotten into my kids but they are just snippy and rude and loud.  One of the younger kids ripped Chickie’s shirt.  Chickie spit water into the Boy’s eye.  Beans is on maximum volume WHINE.  They’re pushing the limits today.  They know that if they don’t shape up they won’t be going to the Christmas party tonight.  That hasn’t stopped them from getting as close to the line as they can…. Don’t make me go all Grinch on you – I have no problem making you stay home and miss the party.

I could use a vacation.  There’s a rumor – a possibility – that we may be heading to Phoenix the end of January/beginning of February.  I hope so!  I’m sure I’ll be ready to get out of this dreary cold, ready to pawn off my kids and enjoy some one-on-one time with my hubby, ready to hang with my family, and ready to visit with my friends and all of their babies 🙂   

Ah, the yelling and arguing continues…. Here comes the Grinch… oh, wait… I just heard my son tell his sisters, “You’re going to choose to play by yourselves.” and the girls actually calmed down!  I’m still looking forward to Mexico.  Or Phoenix.  Whichever comes first!


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