I don’t know about you but this Advent season has been very calm.  None of the hectic shopping or rushing from party to party or over the top decorating… just a peaceful house.  Well, as peaceful as you can get with three kids running around! 

Not only has it been a calm season – it’s also been one of de-cluttering.  We’ve purged quite a few pieces of furniture and re-arranged the basement family room.  Today the kids and I are tackling the toy boxes.  I’ve already filled a black trashbag 3/4 full with garbage from Beans’ room.  How do they multiply trash so quickly?!  Maybe I need to slip a few dollar bills under her bed and see if they multiply!

The de-cluttered calm brings a clarity to the season.  Without all the busyness of shopping and wrapping, decorating and partying it’s so much easier to see the manger – to stay focused on the reason for this season.  We started a Jesse Tree this year.  I love being reminded each night that every step of salvation has been planned – each story points the way.  Right now on my tree are ornaments that appear to be random; a tree, an Earth, an apple with a snake glued on it, a rainbow, a camel, baby footprints, a ram and a ladder.  But if you ask any of my children they can tell you a story that’s as old as time that weaves together God’s love with the ancient faithful.  A story that will ultimately lead to a Savior – a tiny babe, born in a stable, laid in a manger, hung on a cross, resurrected from a tomb and reigning on high!!


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