Dinner, take 2

I’m late, I’m late!

Monday – pizza
Tuesday – the kids are having Crockpot chicken while we go out to a Christmas party (woot, woot!)
Wednesday – leftover Crockpot chicken
Thursday – sloppy joes
Friday – small group – drinks
Saturday – lasagna

I know it’s not two weeks…. but this is as far as we’ve gotten.  Anyone care to share ideas for next week???


2 responses to “Dinner, take 2

  • littletiger

    Monday was small group – we brought fruit
    Tuesday Basil/Spinich/Garlic pasta with Basil Spaghetti sauce and ground turkey
    Wednesday – Jambalaya defrosted in the crockpot (about every 3 months I make a huge batch of Jambalaya and freeze it)
    Thursday – possibly chicken breasts on the grill and salad
    Friday is usually date night – but with Joshua now … it could be anything …
    Saturday hopefully homemade pizza with a whole wheat crust and chicken sausage
    Sunday is usually a fend for yourself day as we go out for brunch with Steve’s parents …

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