The end of the week

Whew.  This has been a week.  A long week.  It’s had its low points and its high points. 

There’s been stuff going on that I’ve kept very private.  Stuff I still don’t want to talk about other than to say that someday I’m going to look back on this week and say, “That was the turning point.”  Sorry to be so mysterious but I wanted to document this week so when I look back through my archives I can say, “Yes, yes it was the turning point.”  I am such an optimist.  Hmm.  Maybe it’s not so I can look back in a few years but so that I can look back next week and be reminded to hang in there.

In other, not so mysterious, news…  I went to a women’s lock-in last night at church.  I had only planned to stay until midnight but I got sucked into the fun and stayed until 4:30 a.m.  Pictionary was a blast…  Did some kung-fu poses while enjoying the paraffin wax mitts…  Had some yummy food…  Played around with some digi-scrapping…  Came home to sleep in my own warm, comfy bed… Was able to sleep in this morning because my sweet hubby kept the kids out of the house… Woke up to smell dinner cooking in the crockpot…  All I need now is a massage… Oh, wait, got one of those last night too!  Maybe it’s a peppermint mocha that I need…  😉


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