Princess Birthday

Happy Birthday Beans!

I can hardly believe that you’re 6 years old today.  You’re growing up.  This past year has been so much fun with you.  One day you’re a tomboy; outside playing in the dirt and climbing trees.  The next day you’re a girly-girl with ballerina clothes and baby dolls.  You have definite ideas about what you do and do not like.  But you’re also pretty good about keeping an open mind about new things.


About a month ago you decided that you wanted to have a princess party – girls only.  Period.  The end.  Even though some of your best little buds are boys…. You didn’t even want your brother or your Daddy there.  In fact, when Daddy showed up to bring me some coffee you cried out, “Daddy!! No boys!”  Everything was pink and purple and sparkley.  It was fun to watch you and see how much you were enjoying it all.  We had mini-muffins, mini-bagels, strawberries, fizzy punch, cake, M&Ms (of course!) and gummy worms (just a peek of the tomboy).  We watched a Gigi princess video, played pin the heart on the crown, made bracelets and decorated tiaras. 


Today, after church, you and I headed to Build-A-Bear to make your 2nd stuffed animal.  It’s cute how you pick up every animal to inspect it.  You aren’t satisfied to just look at the sample animals on the wall – you want to touch each one.  Once you’ve looked at them all you walk back to the one you’ve chosen (and there’s no changing your mind).  This time you chose a soft, brown dog.  You asked if you could have a sound in it because none of your other animals talk.  Within seconds you zeroed in on a Jonas Brothers song.  You don’t even know who they are but you loved the song.  You told me that your favorite part of building your dog was the part where you brush and clean it up.  No sooner did you finish that and you were on the hunt for the roller skate shoes.  I don’t know what prompted that but it’s exactly what you wanted.  You added shoes, a skirt & top and a collar & leash.  Finally it came time to print up the birth certificate… which meant naming your dog.  You and your siblings have never been big on naming things so this part isn’t very easy for you nor are you very creative.  Your new puppy became Brownie.  (Just like your black bear was Bear E and then evolved to Blackie.)  You and your brother spent a couple of hours decorating the box that your puppy came home in.  The Boy helped you convert it into a space ship – complete with wings and wheels.  But the outside had to be pink! 


You are your own child.  I love that you are confident in who you are.  I pray that you will stand strong through your teenage years into adulthood.  I love that you still want to hold my hand.  I pray that you will always know you can find comfort and love in my arms.  I love that the song you pick each night is ‘Jesus Loves Me’.  I pray that you continue to grow in His love and that one day you will have a relationship with Him. 

Happy Birthday my sweet Beans!
I love you!


One response to “Princess Birthday

  • littletiger

    Happy Birthday Beans – It’s been fun watching you grow up – I remember the little girl who was so shy the first time we came to small group – you have grown so big now! I can’t wait to see how you grow in the future!

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