Bits and pieces that I want to remember…..

The Boy still loves to give a long story rather than a short answer.  He describes his favorite parts in movies in detail with lots of sound effects.  Very entertaining when he’s recounting the snowball fight in Elf.  He also likes to describe every little part of his Lego creations… “and this part right here is where the driver can see out but nobody can see in and this part blows this gun and it goes <insert boy noise for explosion> and then he can fly <whoosh> but only when these six wheels are folded up but sometimes he only has two wheels like this…” (distract him while he takes a breath or he’ll never stop!!!)
Beans dressed up in her ballerina clothes and gave me an impromptu recital in the kitchen.  Lots of spinning and leaping.  I noticed that she is just now becoming a bit self-conscious about dressing up in play clothes.  Although she is very excited about Halloween and wearing her dog costume. 
She insists on a song every night.  99.9% of the time she requests “Jesus Loves Me”.  While I sing she gives fake yawn and acts as though her eyes are droopy.  By the end of the song she’s sawing some pretty loud logs.  Last night I was in bed before she was and when she asked for her song I told her she had to sing to me instead.  She wouldn’t sing JLM because it’s her favorite song.  She tried to make up a song but ran out of words.  I ended up singing to her.
Chickie is going to wear make-up with her Halloween costume.  We did a practice run this afternoon and she said, “Finally!  I’m old enough to wear makeup!”  She was bummed to find out it’s only for the one night.  It was scary to see her with her eyes all done up… I can see a glimpse of that teenager in her.  As we were playing with the makeup she wondered if C– would come to the trunk-or-treat tomorrow.  When I asked who that was she said it was a boy that was in her class last year.  Hmmmm… 
She’s always enjoyed books but recently she’s really gotten into them…. she’s found that spark that keeps you up until the last chapter is finished.  I have to keep an eye on her light or she’ll be up devouring a book all night long.  I am so so so glad she’s found the love of reading.
She’s been asked to be in two Advent skits this year.  I’m surprised she agreed – I think she was flattered that she was asked.  In the first bit she plays a granddaughter that asking about the Advent wreath.  She’s more worried about how to use the lighter than she is about saying her lines! 
All three kids sang in church last Sunday.  We did a rehearsal during the Sunday School hour and at that time it was only Beans and her BFF Ms.H.  We had technical difficulties and couldn’t get the sound track to play so the two girls sang their duet a cappella.  I wish I’d had a camera.  Neither one was shy… might have to try a real duet with them.  When it came time to sing their little friend Mr. B– had arrived.  He just stood up there and giggled the entire time.  It was so funny!  The girls weren’t distracted though – they did a great job! 
The older two kiddos had a few more friends so there were 4 of them singing.  Such a somber group.   Ms. A can really sing and she has no problem singing a solo… she just forgets to smile.  The other three (including my two) did not want to be up there.  Actually, I think The Boy could take it or leave it but Chickie hates it.  I guess we can cross ‘rockstar’ off of her list.
Schooling is still plugging along.  I’m finding myself using less and less of the Weaver curriculum.  We’ve been using quite a few workbooks for the basics (reading, language arts, math) and supplementing science, art, music, and history from various websites and Netflix movies.  That has been an unexpected bonus…. Netflix has a bunch of documentaries and my kids love’em.  If it can be played on t.v. or on a computer… they’re hooked.  Wii needs to come up with some educational game and we’d be set. 
We’d love to take the kids to the Smithsonian.  We’re looking at taking some vacation time and planning a trip up to D.C. We’re only a couple of hours away and there’s so much good stuff up there.  I just hate driving in that city.  Next time we’re taking the Metro!  Williamsburg is also on our list of places to check out.  I have a fat little book called “Kids Love the Virginias” and it’s full of great places.  We just need to find the time. 
So that’s it.  Just a few of the things that have been going on and bits about the kids I wanted to be sure to remember.


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