Fall nesting

Forget ‘spring cleaning’…. after being cooped up all winter all I want to do in the spring time is head outdoors!  Fall is the time for cleaning and organizing.  The house is just nippy enough to keep me moving.  This morning the kids and I walked room by room through the house gathering up the miscellaneous clutter.  Once the general living spaces were cleaned up we each headed to our bedrooms. 

The Boy had the easiest room to clean.  He’s pretty organized most of the time.  He just needs a weekly reminder to straighten up a bit.  Beans requires constant monitoring or she ends up playing with all of her toys.  She’s good at putting things away if you point out each item.  Generally I do the straightening while handing her random items that need to be put away elsewhere.  Chickie had to take two passes on her room.  The first time she just cleared the center of the room and fluffed her blanket.  On closer inspection I notice a bunch of junk piled around the edges of her room.  The second pass resulted in at least two bags of garbage. 

They weren’t the only ones to clean their rooms.  I cleaned mine too.  I had two huge piles for the Goodwill store plus another large tote of spring/summer clothes to store in the basement.  The sweaters came out of hiding as did my winter boots.  I still have some de-cluttering to do but most of the big piles are gone now. 

The final touch of fall cleaning was to take all of the blankets, quilts and comforters to the laundrymat and get them cleaned.  The kids each have fleece blankets that attract pet hair to the point of looking like their own animals.  It’s impossible to get all of the hair out but they’re all much less furry now.  Beans has a matching quilt and comforter that desperately needed to be cleaned.  We layered those on her bed tonight and they are so snuggly!  My hubby was smart and remembered to grab our comforter too – we just didn’t think to grab the winter duvet cover.  That should fit in our washer/dryer though. 

It feels good to have a straightened up house and fresh blankets to snuggle into tonight.  Tomorrow we’ll work on actual cleaning and of course, more painting… “the never ending caaaabinets…”


2 responses to “Fall nesting

  • Alyssa

    Oh gosh, I just had a cabinet-painting flashback and I nearly cried. That was the worst home improvement project I’ve ever done….

    • kungfuchicken

      It isn’t too bad… just very, very time consuming. Two coats of primer, two coats of paint. Flip the doors and repeat. We still need to put a coat of poly on too.

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