'Tis Fall

There is no denying it.  Autumn is here.  Bright colorful leaves are slowly taking over the trees.  Some trees have given up the battle completely and shed their bright yellow leaves onto the crisp green lawn below.  The contrast in colors is amazing.  I love driving around town and seeing all of the colors.  The mountains that surround our little valley are becoming mottled in greens, yellows and oranges.  Sigh….

We went yesterday to pick more apples from The Apple Barn.  All they had left were Rome and Stayman apples.  They’re are slightly tart, crisp and firm.  Great for all types of cooking.  It was so sad to see the hundreds of apples on the ground.  What a waste.  I don’t know if this was unusual for them – as this is the first year they’ve stopped doing school tours – of if they lose this many apples every year.  I would think they could invite the homeless shelter or the food bank to come and pick apples.  The ground was littered with some of the brightest red apples I have ever seen.  We struggled to find any red ones left on the trees.  Most were green with a smattering of red.  In the midst of “Daddy!  Come here!  I found a red one!” we heard “GUYS!  LOOK!  A DEER!”  We all crouched down and peered through the orchard to see a deer happily munching on apples and grass. 

We took our haul back to the barn to have them weighed… 34lbs…  just under a full bushel.  A whopping $13 worth.  It was so much fun to pick fresh fruit.  We need to find some other farms that let us pick strawberries, carrots, beans, squash…  Mmmm… 

The girls have already started into the bags of apples.  I peeled a small mountain of them while my hubby cored and sliced them.  My dear friend, Julia, shared her recipe for crockpot applesauce.  The kids keep peeking through the glass lid on the crockpot – “Is it ready yet?”  We also have a recipe for crockpot applebutter.  We need to start with 8 cups of applesauce.  I think we may have to attempt that in the middle of the night so the applesauce monsters don’t eat up all of our sauce!


4 responses to “'Tis Fall

  • Alyssa

    Ummm….. recipes please! 🙂

    • kungfuchicken

      Applesauce (courtesy of Julia H.)
      4lbs peeled/cored/sliced apples
      1C water
      1C sugar
      1t cinnamon
      6 hours on low or 3 hour on high
      Mash with potato masher for chunky or food processor for smooth.
      That made a quart and a half for us but we didn’t weigh the apples.

      Crockpot Apple Butter (courtesy of Rachel N. of the Apple Barn)
      8C applesauce
      2C sugar
      1t cinnamon
      1/4t cloves
      1/4C cinnamon hearts
      5-6 hours on low. seal in jars. 4 1/2 pints.

      Apple Barn suggests the following apples for saucing:
      Rambo in August
      Golden Delicious in September
      Stayman or Rome in October

  • zanne

    okay–i know it’s not quite the same ’cause it involves a mix, but if you have safeways there–look in the produce section near the apples for a box labeled “apple crisp. a little butter cut into the mix, drizzled over freshly sliced apples and baked… oh my. cinnamon-y/apple-y yummy!

  • littletiger

    WOW!!! Sounds so good – I think I’ll have to try it – cuz I’ve got a little boy who LOVES applesauce and a big boy who LOVES apple butter!

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