This PSA is for you…

Duuuuuude.  Stop right now and back up your computer.  Right. Now.  I’ll wait.

Did you do it? 

Didn’t think so.  You probably told yourself you’d do it later right?  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Folks, I had a close call with the blue screen of death today.  Seriously.  It was touch and go there for a bit and eventually it took just over 3 hours to get back to square one.  I now have the fun job of tweeking everything just-so to make it feel like home again. 

The day started out fine…. I checked my email and had just logged in on FB when my computer popped up with that ever annoying little notice “Your computer needs to be restarted… do it now or I’ll keep popping up to harrass you.”  Fine.  I’ll restart.  Apparently my computer didn’t get that memo… you know…. to actually restart….  I got the blue screen with some lame error code that’s probably just some computer geek’s old junior high locker combination.  I rebooted – several times.  I sweet talked my lovely laptop.  I threatened it.  I might have even stroked the case and whispered something about hurting Mr. Dell Inspiron’s grandma if he didn’t boot up…. I don’t know – it’s all hazy now.  Anyway.  It didn’t work.  (I guess Mr. Dell doesn’t love his grandma very much)

Even Mr. Google was no help.  I had to call in the specialist.  A computer doctor.  “Mah preshusssss baby!  Please!  Help!”  He was calm as he opened up his bag of tricks and pulled out a magic CD that allowed him to pull 50 gig’s worth of documents off of my computer.  Did you read that?  50 as in fif-ty!  (speaking of 50 – happy bday to zanne!) I had no idea I had so much, um, stuff stored on my poor laptop.  No wonder he was run down and exhausted.  Do you know how long it takes to backup that much data (from a corrupted computer)??  About 50 minutes give or take an eternity.  Mr. Doctor was kind enough to remember to grab my internet faves too.  Then he had to wipe the drive.  Hasta la vista random programs with no backup disks.  Adios corrupt operating system.  I hope you rot in jail!  Reloading the 50 gigs took just as long  – 50 long minutes.  But really.  I’m not complaining.  I have mah preshussss baby back.  This computer doctor really is my hero.  I would write an ode to him but I’m not that talented and that’s actually pretty creepy.

So now I have my computer back.  Sort of.  I’m glad it’s alive and all but it’s only a shell of what it used to be.  He doesn’t remember me at all.  I have to remind him that I don’t need all those pesky pop-ups and that I like my coffee with flavored creamer and that I’m used to having my internet favorites in a certain order and now I have to type in the entire web address (oh the horrors!) to my commonly accessed sites.  I know we’ll get back to our comfortable relationship soon enough.  It’s probably a good idea to do some housekeeping and clean out some of those ancient files.  Hmmmm maybe it will even make my laptop lighter…. (yes – i’m only joking about that.  i know it will only be a few grams lighter – i probably won’t even notice the difference.) 

If you love your computer even half as much as I love mine.  Do yourself a favor and buy an external drive and back-up your baby.


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