Last night

I WENT TO A GREAT CONCERT LAST NIGHT!   Ooh, sorry about the yelling…. my ears are still ringing.

A friend of ours blessed us with two tickets to the Skillet concert.  I would call them a Christian heavy metal band.  Maybe they aren’t considered heavy metal but when the heaviest stuff I listen to is Audio Adrenaline…. My hubby prefers the heavy stuff and was happy to discover Skillet.  He was excited to hear that they were coming in concert.  Unfortunately, he didn’t get to go to the concert with me.  Work has scheduled him in North Carolina for the next few days.  Fortunately for me, I have a friend that is a Skillet fan and she was more than willing to go with me.

The concert opened with The Letter Black, followed by Decyfer Down, then Hawk Nelson (or Hottie Nelson as John Cooper of Skillet calls him).  I really enjoyed Hawk Nelson.  The lead singer, John Dunn, is so funny.  And he looks like he’s all of 12 years old.  After the concert the hubby and I tracked down their website and got a kick out of their video clips.  I will have to pick up one or two of their CD’s in the near future.

Around 9:30 Skillet finally took the stage.  We were on the side, 4th row so we had a great view of the band.   Jen Ledger, the drummer, did an awesome drum solo that completely put to shame my efforts of drumming on Rock Band.  John also has a great sense of humor and is a great rocker.  He cracked me up with his intro to their ‘power ballad’.  In true rocker fashion, his voice was getting scratchier and scratchier as the concert continued.  I may have lost count but I believe they did 13 songs – #13 being Monster (great song).  Their encore brought on 3 more songs.  The last song of the night was the only one I was familiar with but I couldn’t tell you the name of it.   

From someone who doesn’t consider herself a heavy rocker…. I give this concert two thumbs up!  For all you rockin’ Phoenicians… The Awake & Alive tour will be in the Celebrity Theater Oct. 22nd.  Be sure to do proper neck stretches before the concert so you don’t strain your neck while head banging!


One response to “Last night

  • littletiger

    Love Skillet!!! I wish we could go, but we have a little one who’s a bit more important (just a bit – LOLLL). I’m glad you had so much fun! And yes, Skillet is heavy metal – they are wonderful!

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