Wait for it…

I am painting my kitchen cabinets.  There are two banks of cabinets and I’ve tackled one set.  I still need to put one more coat of paint on them and paint the doors.  But even unfinished they’re lookin’ good.  I can’t wait to finish up and put the new hardware on. 

And if you give a mouse a cookie he’s going to ask for a glass of milk…

After the painting is done we’ll need to get new countertops.  One countertop is a butcherblock looking laminate.  The other one is a black speckled marble laminate.  Time for matching tops!! 

And when you give him the milk he’ll probably ask for a straw…

The second bank of cabinets is too long and blocks the 2nd backdoor.  Plus those cabinets are really sink bases and they don’t have real drawers – just fake drawer fronts.  So really…. we need to get a new set of cabinets.

When he’s finished he’ll ask for a napkin.

Since the new cabinets will actually fit in the allotted space we’ll be able to attach them properly.  Which would mean that they would block the only outlet.  Luckily my hubby knows how to move stuff like that.  It will be great to have an outlet that we can actually reach.

Then he will want to look in a mirror to make sure he doesn’t have a milk mustache.

Did I mention that our upper cabinets don’t reach to the ceiling?  There’s an ugly gap that tends to collect clutter.  The plan is to build a 2nd row of cabinets on the tippy top and trim it off with crown moulding. 

When he looks into the mirror he will probably notice that his hair needs a trim.  So he will probably ask for a pair of scissors.

And when we put up the crown moulding we really should finish up the ceiling.  My hubby has been busy patching the leaks and scraping off the stained texture.  We have a fabulous roll of wallpaper to put up.  It’s made to look like an old tin ceiling. 

When he’s finished giving himself a trim, he’ll want a broom to sweep up.

Once the ceiling is looking so pretty we’ll need to address the hole where the kitchen light used to be.  Yes.  Half of our kitchen is in the dark.  While patching the leaks in the attic my hubby got a good look at the wiring running to the kitchen light.  Scary.  So he disconnected it.  He’ll need to run new wiring and then put up a pretty new light to match the new cabinets, countertops and ceiling.

When he’s done he’ll probably want to take a nap.

Once there’s light in the kitchen again we’ll notice that the floor is horrendous.  The great dane puppies had decided that the laminate flooring was tasty and decided to chew a huge hole in the middle of the floor.  (don’t ask how)  Not having the resources at the time we used some laminate tiles to cover the hole (which grew – and was patched, and grew – and was patched a third time). 

Phew.  After all of that we are going to take a nap!!


3 responses to “Wait for it…

  • Alyssa

    Godspeed. We’re also in the “never-ending fixer upper” so we’ll see how it goes!

  • littletiger

    Good luck and remember to have fun doing it!

  • Hayley

    Looks like you have a lot of work ahead of you. With such hungry great Danes it seems like laminate would be your best option. My advice would be to get several samples and see which ones the dogs don’t think are tasty to avoid this problem again. 🙂 Sounds like it will look great once your done. Good thing your Husband is a di it yourself-er.
    Have Fun

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