I see the signs

We are so close to my favorite season.  It’s starting to get chilly and it’s most definitely ‘jeans weather’.  A few of the trees down my favorite street have patches of color popping up.  They look so beautiful with their full green branches and then you’re surprised with a swatch of red. 

Today my hubby had the morning off from work so after my Bible study we loaded up the kids and drove to the Apple Barn.  Beans had a field trip there last year.  The preschoolers listened to the owner describe all the different types of apples and the history of the farm.  They also sampled apple cider and picked their own apple from the tree.  There is also a cute little country shop on their property that features apple butter, bags of apples and country stars and other country decorations.  I wasn’t sure of their hours but it’s a pretty drive through the small town of Troutville so we thought ‘Why not?’  The open sign was lit!  They’ve changed things since last year.  The store is more empty and they no longer do school field trips.  You’re still welcome to pick your own apples or buy a peck of pre-picked apples. 

One of the many blessings of living here is the bounty of fresh vegetables and fruits available at various markets, stands and orchards.  We bought some Golden Delicious apples.  The taste is amazing.  Nothing like store bought apples.  I don’t know why we continue to buy produce from the store.  It is so much better when it’s fresh.  I suppose it’s the convenience of picking it up while we’re at the store instead of driving downtown.  Oh the horror of driving 10 minutes to the marketplace!  I’m going to try to be better at picking up fresh produce for my family.  For now, I’ll just enjoy our apples…


One response to “I see the signs

  • littletiger

    Andi – I have to admit – that is one thing I really miss living here in Phx – in Iowa City, you always knew when fall arrived and it was my favorite time of the year! I’m actually going to go looking for signs that fall is here – possibly up Oak Creek Canyon just to go see leaves change color! Enjoy the change in season!

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