My son the ham

Now that we’re homeschooling the kids have had to get used to a whole new schedule and  I’ve had to get used to having three tag-a-longs everywhere I go.  The biggest adjustment for them has been Wednesdays.  I have a weekly staff meeting that’s anywhere from an hour to two hours long.  I’m not the only homeschooling parent on staff so there are two other boys at the church as well.  Although we haven’t attempted to join the two groups yet…  Generally my kids have free reign in the preschool wing.  There’s a t.v. and vcr, blocks, puzzles and a multitude of toddler toys.  Sometimes the kids attempt to do their schoolwork but most Wednesday mornings it’s just play time.  When I’m finished with the meeting and any office work I need to do I head to the preschool wing and pick up the kids.  They’re pretty in tune with the time and usually have the things they’ve played with put away.  Occassionally I’m surprised….

Like today….

I could hear the kids playing “Ducky Wucky” as I opened the door… Chickie had her back to the door and The Boy was standing in front of her.  When Chickie heard me open the door she stepped to the side which allowed me to see The Boy….  There he stood… with an apron tied around his waist and another apron tied around his neck… and two balls the size of grapefruits tucked under the top apron.  He looked a little like Dolly Parton…  He flushed bright red and quickly discarded his, um, top.  If I hadn’t interrupted I’m sure he would’ve won that round of “Ducky Wucky”.


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