MRSA update

We started The Boy on his Bactrim meds – just like before.  About an hour later he started complaining that his upper body was itchy.  I didn’t see a rash but thought that maybe the tag on his shirt was irritating him.  I cut off the tag and rubbed him down with some Gold Bond lotion.  Maybe 30 minutes later he was back… still itchy.  In a brilliant flash it dawned on me that maybe this was a reaction to his meds.  I gave him some Benedryl and sent him back to bed.  He’s always been a good boy at bedtime and with the added Benedryl he passed right out.

Around 1:30 a.m. I was startled awake… “DADDY! DADDY!”  The Boy was in the bathroom tossing his cookies – and from the sound of it he had them stored deep down in his toes.  This is the one area of parenthood that I cannot handle.  The sight, sound or smell will cause my own stomach to roll.  I am beyond grateful that my hubby has no problem dealing with the sickies.  At 3:30 I once again heard the sound that caused me to curl into a ball and cover my head with my pillow.  My hubby once again got up to help… he reported back that The Boy was losing it at both ends and rather violently.  I got out of bed long enough to spray half a can of air freshner before diving back into my bed.  I laid there in tears feeling helpless to do anything to make it all better.  That’s what mommies are supposed to do – make it all better.  Even if I could stomach the “event” there was nothing I could do to make him better.  He was miserable.

After four hours at urgent care the next day we were told to stop the Bactrim (duh!) and stick with Neosporin 3x a day.  Really?  That’s all?  You couldn’t tell us that over the phone or at check-in or in triage?  We spent four hours hiding in the hallway hoping to avoid the crush of flu germs in the waiting room… and you tell us to stick with the Neosporin.  Good thing my laser eyes only work on misbehaving children!


2 responses to “MRSA update

  • jaime

    oh honey! i am SO sorry love! is he doing better now?


  • littletiger

    So sorry to hear this – and I know one day in the not too distant future – I’ll be dealing with the same problem – I also can’t handle the smell or sound of someone throwing up – so Steve will be handling that too … Praying that he gets through this and the MRSA is gone!

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