The Boy is crazy

Our plan for today was going to go something like this:
Wake up
Finish up our school unit
Meet up with friends and possibly go to the Greek Festival

However.  God had another plan for us today.  It went something like this:
Wake up
Call the doctor’s office only to discover that they are closed until Monday
Call the nurse’s line
Wait in urgent care
Wait some more
Keep on waiting
Hit up the pharmacy
Wait some more

Last month The Boy was diagnosed with MRSA.  He was given a 10 day dose of meds that cleared things up just fine.  Last night The Boy found another small boil.  This morning it was bigger and I wasn’t taking any chances.  It wasn’t what I had planned for today but in a way it was an unexpected blessing.  My son and I got some good one-on-one time while we were waiting for the doctor to come back to our tiny little curtained bed.  Let me tell you… that boy is crazy.  He finished the coloring book they gave him.  He played I-Spy.  He practiced jumping up onto the hospital bed.  Several times.  He pulled the hospital gown up over his head.  He sent text messages to his dad in the waiting room.  He thumb wrestled.  He spied under the curtain.  And then.  Then the armpit farting began.  He’d squeeze off a few good loud ones and then snicker quietly as he heard the abrupt silence from the other curtained beds. 

So thanks.  Thanks for slowing me down today to spend some time with my Boy.


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