Homeschool update

We’ve been homeschooling for a month now.  We’re finding our groove – what works, what doesn’t…. how to do things, when to do them and where.

In general, school starts around 9:30.  We’re all awake and more or less functioning by that time.  The location varies depending on the day’s plan but usually it’s the basement or the kitchen table.  The first thing we do is review the Bible lesson from the night before – or if the Hubby didn’t complete the lesson we’ll wrap that up.  Every day involves creative writing of some sort and math.  Every other day we’ll do science or social studies.  The kids continue to work on their memory verses, spelling/vocab words and any test material throughout the week. 

We mix in a lot of projects because the kids learn better with hands on activities.  The volcano project is probably their favorite so far.  While that was fun I think my favorite activity was the lesson on watching what you say.  All three kids listen in on each other’s lessons.  Sometimes I under estimate Beans – I tend to think that things go right over her head, but she frequently surprises me.  We started the lesson on watching what you say with verses from the Bible.  Then we moved into discussing scenarios.  Finally, I gave each child a small handful of glitter and had them blow it out into the grass.  I asked Beans to compare the glitter to her words and she said, “You can say things that hurt people’s feelings.  You can’t take your words back.”  Wow.  Even just now, as I’m blogging she’s sitting next to me playing with her counting bears.  She arranged them into pairs according to their color.  She told me, “They’re trying to find out if they speak the same language.  Like Chinese or Spanish.”  (We used the story of the tower of Babel to discuss the different languages and how they couldn’t understand each other).  She absorbs so much more than I realize. 

Chickie is soaking in the homeschooling too.  For her it’s much more relational.  She loves to be with her family.  I rarely give her a physical paper and pen test because she verbally recounts what’s she learned.  It’s fun to watch her enjoying schoolwork.  That’s not to say it’s always fun…. She has her pre-teen moments.  But more often that not, it’s a joy.

The Boy enjoys the freedom that homeschooling allows.  It’s torture for him to sit still for any length of time.  He wants to move, move, move.  When the wiggles set in I can send him outside with his basketball and his spelling list or his bucket of cars and his math problems.   

Chickie also has some extra curricular activities.  She earns art lessons from a friend by being a mother’s helper.  I swapped some babysitting to get her started in French lessons as well.  I love that not only is she getting the extra lessons and experience helping but she’s also getting great mentors! 

It’s not flowers and rainbows all of the time.  That’s okay though.  It’s amazing how much more patient I am when I don’t have to wake up at 6:00am!! LoL!  The bottom line is that Hubby and I are so much more at peace knowing what our kids are learning and that they’re in a loving environment that encourages them to each learn in their own way.


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