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I must be 5 years old

I was talking to my girlfriend this morning about our 5 year olds.  They’re both in the ‘bathroom humor’ stage.  Anything having to do with potty humor or their rear ends in hilarious.  Beans loves her butt.  There’s no other way to put it.  She loves to shake it, make it bounce, wiggle it – and oh my – the noises it can make!

I have a very hard time ignoring her when she’s doing one of her butt shaking dances.  I can’t help but laugh at her joy.  And really, what’s wrong with that?  As parents we delight when our children discover their toes for the first time.  Or when our babies find their belly buttons.  Heaven forbid they find joy in their bums.  Now I know that it’s important to teach her when and where it’s okay to shake it and that no one should touch her private parts and by no means should she be mooning anyone.  But if her bottom makes her laugh…. then that’s okay with me.

You’ll have to excuse me now.  A great song just came on and I’m going to go join my daughter in shaking it!


I see the signs

We are so close to my favorite season.  It’s starting to get chilly and it’s most definitely ‘jeans weather’.  A few of the trees down my favorite street have patches of color popping up.  They look so beautiful with their full green branches and then you’re surprised with a swatch of red. 

Today my hubby had the morning off from work so after my Bible study we loaded up the kids and drove to the Apple Barn.  Beans had a field trip there last year.  The preschoolers listened to the owner describe all the different types of apples and the history of the farm.  They also sampled apple cider and picked their own apple from the tree.  There is also a cute little country shop on their property that features apple butter, bags of apples and country stars and other country decorations.  I wasn’t sure of their hours but it’s a pretty drive through the small town of Troutville so we thought ‘Why not?’  The open sign was lit!  They’ve changed things since last year.  The store is more empty and they no longer do school field trips.  You’re still welcome to pick your own apples or buy a peck of pre-picked apples. 

One of the many blessings of living here is the bounty of fresh vegetables and fruits available at various markets, stands and orchards.  We bought some Golden Delicious apples.  The taste is amazing.  Nothing like store bought apples.  I don’t know why we continue to buy produce from the store.  It is so much better when it’s fresh.  I suppose it’s the convenience of picking it up while we’re at the store instead of driving downtown.  Oh the horror of driving 10 minutes to the marketplace!  I’m going to try to be better at picking up fresh produce for my family.  For now, I’ll just enjoy our apples…

Always on a Friday

You know that my pediatrician’s office is closed on Fridays and through the weekend, right?  You know what that means…..  The Boy woke up coughing. 

Curse you MRSA and closed ped’s office and 4 hour waits in the urgent care!

My son the ham

Now that we’re homeschooling the kids have had to get used to a whole new schedule and  I’ve had to get used to having three tag-a-longs everywhere I go.  The biggest adjustment for them has been Wednesdays.  I have a weekly staff meeting that’s anywhere from an hour to two hours long.  I’m not the only homeschooling parent on staff so there are two other boys at the church as well.  Although we haven’t attempted to join the two groups yet…  Generally my kids have free reign in the preschool wing.  There’s a t.v. and vcr, blocks, puzzles and a multitude of toddler toys.  Sometimes the kids attempt to do their schoolwork but most Wednesday mornings it’s just play time.  When I’m finished with the meeting and any office work I need to do I head to the preschool wing and pick up the kids.  They’re pretty in tune with the time and usually have the things they’ve played with put away.  Occassionally I’m surprised….

Like today….

I could hear the kids playing “Ducky Wucky” as I opened the door… Chickie had her back to the door and The Boy was standing in front of her.  When Chickie heard me open the door she stepped to the side which allowed me to see The Boy….  There he stood… with an apron tied around his waist and another apron tied around his neck… and two balls the size of grapefruits tucked under the top apron.  He looked a little like Dolly Parton…  He flushed bright red and quickly discarded his, um, top.  If I hadn’t interrupted I’m sure he would’ve won that round of “Ducky Wucky”.

MRSA update

We started The Boy on his Bactrim meds – just like before.  About an hour later he started complaining that his upper body was itchy.  I didn’t see a rash but thought that maybe the tag on his shirt was irritating him.  I cut off the tag and rubbed him down with some Gold Bond lotion.  Maybe 30 minutes later he was back… still itchy.  In a brilliant flash it dawned on me that maybe this was a reaction to his meds.  I gave him some Benedryl and sent him back to bed.  He’s always been a good boy at bedtime and with the added Benedryl he passed right out.

Around 1:30 a.m. I was startled awake… “DADDY! DADDY!”  The Boy was in the bathroom tossing his cookies – and from the sound of it he had them stored deep down in his toes.  This is the one area of parenthood that I cannot handle.  The sight, sound or smell will cause my own stomach to roll.  I am beyond grateful that my hubby has no problem dealing with the sickies.  At 3:30 I once again heard the sound that caused me to curl into a ball and cover my head with my pillow.  My hubby once again got up to help… he reported back that The Boy was losing it at both ends and rather violently.  I got out of bed long enough to spray half a can of air freshner before diving back into my bed.  I laid there in tears feeling helpless to do anything to make it all better.  That’s what mommies are supposed to do – make it all better.  Even if I could stomach the “event” there was nothing I could do to make him better.  He was miserable.

After four hours at urgent care the next day we were told to stop the Bactrim (duh!) and stick with Neosporin 3x a day.  Really?  That’s all?  You couldn’t tell us that over the phone or at check-in or in triage?  We spent four hours hiding in the hallway hoping to avoid the crush of flu germs in the waiting room… and you tell us to stick with the Neosporin.  Good thing my laser eyes only work on misbehaving children!

The Boy is crazy

Our plan for today was going to go something like this:
Wake up
Finish up our school unit
Meet up with friends and possibly go to the Greek Festival

However.  God had another plan for us today.  It went something like this:
Wake up
Call the doctor’s office only to discover that they are closed until Monday
Call the nurse’s line
Wait in urgent care
Wait some more
Keep on waiting
Hit up the pharmacy
Wait some more

Last month The Boy was diagnosed with MRSA.  He was given a 10 day dose of meds that cleared things up just fine.  Last night The Boy found another small boil.  This morning it was bigger and I wasn’t taking any chances.  It wasn’t what I had planned for today but in a way it was an unexpected blessing.  My son and I got some good one-on-one time while we were waiting for the doctor to come back to our tiny little curtained bed.  Let me tell you… that boy is crazy.  He finished the coloring book they gave him.  He played I-Spy.  He practiced jumping up onto the hospital bed.  Several times.  He pulled the hospital gown up over his head.  He sent text messages to his dad in the waiting room.  He thumb wrestled.  He spied under the curtain.  And then.  Then the armpit farting began.  He’d squeeze off a few good loud ones and then snicker quietly as he heard the abrupt silence from the other curtained beds. 

So thanks.  Thanks for slowing me down today to spend some time with my Boy.

Homeschool update

We’ve been homeschooling for a month now.  We’re finding our groove – what works, what doesn’t…. how to do things, when to do them and where.

In general, school starts around 9:30.  We’re all awake and more or less functioning by that time.  The location varies depending on the day’s plan but usually it’s the basement or the kitchen table.  The first thing we do is review the Bible lesson from the night before – or if the Hubby didn’t complete the lesson we’ll wrap that up.  Every day involves creative writing of some sort and math.  Every other day we’ll do science or social studies.  The kids continue to work on their memory verses, spelling/vocab words and any test material throughout the week. 

We mix in a lot of projects because the kids learn better with hands on activities.  The volcano project is probably their favorite so far.  While that was fun I think my favorite activity was the lesson on watching what you say.  All three kids listen in on each other’s lessons.  Sometimes I under estimate Beans – I tend to think that things go right over her head, but she frequently surprises me.  We started the lesson on watching what you say with verses from the Bible.  Then we moved into discussing scenarios.  Finally, I gave each child a small handful of glitter and had them blow it out into the grass.  I asked Beans to compare the glitter to her words and she said, “You can say things that hurt people’s feelings.  You can’t take your words back.”  Wow.  Even just now, as I’m blogging she’s sitting next to me playing with her counting bears.  She arranged them into pairs according to their color.  She told me, “They’re trying to find out if they speak the same language.  Like Chinese or Spanish.”  (We used the story of the tower of Babel to discuss the different languages and how they couldn’t understand each other).  She absorbs so much more than I realize. 

Chickie is soaking in the homeschooling too.  For her it’s much more relational.  She loves to be with her family.  I rarely give her a physical paper and pen test because she verbally recounts what’s she learned.  It’s fun to watch her enjoying schoolwork.  That’s not to say it’s always fun…. She has her pre-teen moments.  But more often that not, it’s a joy.

The Boy enjoys the freedom that homeschooling allows.  It’s torture for him to sit still for any length of time.  He wants to move, move, move.  When the wiggles set in I can send him outside with his basketball and his spelling list or his bucket of cars and his math problems.   

Chickie also has some extra curricular activities.  She earns art lessons from a friend by being a mother’s helper.  I swapped some babysitting to get her started in French lessons as well.  I love that not only is she getting the extra lessons and experience helping but she’s also getting great mentors! 

It’s not flowers and rainbows all of the time.  That’s okay though.  It’s amazing how much more patient I am when I don’t have to wake up at 6:00am!! LoL!  The bottom line is that Hubby and I are so much more at peace knowing what our kids are learning and that they’re in a loving environment that encourages them to each learn in their own way.