I’m sitting at my kitchen table in the dark.  Staring out into my backyard.  Watching the fireflies flicker.  The bats swooping in and out.  And I’m missing my friends.

It gets all jumbly when I try to put it into words.  I keep trying to think of analogies but come up blank.  I miss the friendships I had – no – that’s still not right.  I still have those friendships but they’re not the same – not bad or worse – just different.  And if I know my friends they’re nodding their heads in agreement.

There’s nothing wrong with where I’m at right now and where my friendships have … pooled … ?  I guess I can compare it to a stream that’s flowing along until the distance from one shore to the other gets a little wider so the water pools – swirls around – slows down.  I know it doesn’t end here, the stream continues.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t look back upstream and sigh every once in awhile.


One response to “Nostalgia

  • littletiger

    Nodding my head in agreement! I have that feeling occur more often now that I’m reconnecting with friends on facebook … and I do miss you a lot!

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