Busy busy

Since our return home from our summer vacation I have been cleaning.  Serious cleaning.  Under the beds and into the closets kind of cleaning.  It’s almost like a bachelor has been living here for 6 weeks and the place just needed a good scrubbing down.  (I have to give him credit… He did clean the bathroom – even behind the toilet!!)

While the cleaning has been satisfying I have managed to find time to work on a project.  There are a couple of design blogs that I love to read for the inspiration.  A few months ago one of them had a coffee table that they painted.  Not even a week later my hubby and I spotted a similar table for sale at one of the local junk shops.  I couldn’t pass it up.  We brought it home and plopped it in our living room while I hemmed and hawed about how I wanted to redo it.

Here is what I started with:
Table before
I love the legs on this table but the top….. not so much.  My hubby went on a top-finding-mission.  He called from the Habitat for Humanity store to report that they had a two paneled door that would work.  He snagged it for a steal.  The door was used as a swinging push door.  One side was white while the other was blue.  He cut the largest panel for my table top.

Door panel

Mmmm, isn’t it purty?  The blue doesn’t quite match our living room and while I was tempted to go with brown I knew that we needed some color in our rather neutral living room.  My hubby agreed and we took the plunge and went for bold.  Red. 

Aug 083

I also decided to wipe some stain on the base to bring in a deeper shade of brown.  There’s some stain on the red top to make it look a little older but it’s difficult to get that to show up in the pictures.

Aug 084

After the red paint and stain dried I sanded down the edges to let the blue peek through.  I love the effect.  Used and loved.  No need for a coaster, no worries of a child putting a ding into the top. 

Aug 085


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