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Monday, Monday do-do, do-do-dooo

Last week was a week full of Mondays.  It was just one thing after another.  I could hardly wait for the weekend but it didn’t stop there.  Must have been a Monday to Monday deal… at least I hope so!  I slammed the door on Monday and today, Tuesday, is a fresh start.  Right?

Except that today I have six kids camped out in my basement.  I have my usual 10, 8 and 5 year olds.  Add to that two more 5 year olds and top it off with a 2 year old.  It’s a party going on!  These kids all get along great.  I’m looking forward to some time at the playground and doing some group homeschooling projects.

But a tiny part of me keeps glancing over my shoulder at those Mondays.  I hope I bolted that door tight because I’m ready for some fun today!


Back to School

Here it is… the beginning of school… All shiny and fresh…

This year we are doing school at home.  I have nothing against public school.  This is just a better fit for us.  The kids enjoy being home, aren’t fond of busy work, learn best when moving around, 2/3 of them like to sleep in a bit.  I have a job that I can do from home, I enjoy teaching and want my kids to have an education centered around Christ, and I have a very supportive hubby.  In fact, he was on board long before I was willing to try homeschooling.

I listened to an interview about learning styles which led me to a book which led me to a curriculum.  Considering the amount of material available I think it’s quite amazing that I found what I was looking for on the first try.  I wanted a units based curriculum that was based on my faith.  Plus I wanted something I could teach to three children on different levels.  Check, check and check!

My hubby teaches the Bible story the evening before.  He reads it from the Bible, explains it, demonstrates any activities and then answers any questions the kids have.  The next morning the kids review the story and we dive into their studies.  Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, Writing and of course, Memory Verse all revolve around our Bible study.  I love that!  We’re free to set our own schedule, pick our own field trips and dilly dally over any subject that catches our fancy. 

Speaking of….  creative writing time is over and it’s time to head off on our science field trip.  We’ll be gathering stones and soil to examine and classify later.  I’ve picked a park that has a stream and water mill.  We’ve driven by the park several times but never stopped.  I can’t wait to explore with the kids and see what we can find!


I’m sitting at my kitchen table in the dark.  Staring out into my backyard.  Watching the fireflies flicker.  The bats swooping in and out.  And I’m missing my friends.

It gets all jumbly when I try to put it into words.  I keep trying to think of analogies but come up blank.  I miss the friendships I had – no – that’s still not right.  I still have those friendships but they’re not the same – not bad or worse – just different.  And if I know my friends they’re nodding their heads in agreement.

There’s nothing wrong with where I’m at right now and where my friendships have … pooled … ?  I guess I can compare it to a stream that’s flowing along until the distance from one shore to the other gets a little wider so the water pools – swirls around – slows down.  I know it doesn’t end here, the stream continues.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t look back upstream and sigh every once in awhile.

Busy busy

Since our return home from our summer vacation I have been cleaning.  Serious cleaning.  Under the beds and into the closets kind of cleaning.  It’s almost like a bachelor has been living here for 6 weeks and the place just needed a good scrubbing down.  (I have to give him credit… He did clean the bathroom – even behind the toilet!!)

While the cleaning has been satisfying I have managed to find time to work on a project.  There are a couple of design blogs that I love to read for the inspiration.  A few months ago one of them had a coffee table that they painted.  Not even a week later my hubby and I spotted a similar table for sale at one of the local junk shops.  I couldn’t pass it up.  We brought it home and plopped it in our living room while I hemmed and hawed about how I wanted to redo it.

Here is what I started with:
Table before
I love the legs on this table but the top….. not so much.  My hubby went on a top-finding-mission.  He called from the Habitat for Humanity store to report that they had a two paneled door that would work.  He snagged it for a steal.  The door was used as a swinging push door.  One side was white while the other was blue.  He cut the largest panel for my table top.

Door panel

Mmmm, isn’t it purty?  The blue doesn’t quite match our living room and while I was tempted to go with brown I knew that we needed some color in our rather neutral living room.  My hubby agreed and we took the plunge and went for bold.  Red. 

Aug 083

I also decided to wipe some stain on the base to bring in a deeper shade of brown.  There’s some stain on the red top to make it look a little older but it’s difficult to get that to show up in the pictures.

Aug 084

After the red paint and stain dried I sanded down the edges to let the blue peek through.  I love the effect.  Used and loved.  No need for a coaster, no worries of a child putting a ding into the top. 

Aug 085