Better late than never….

Happy Birthday Chickie!  I’m only 10 days late – and you turned 10 so that’s okay, right?  I know, I know.  I’m stretching it.  Your birthday was at the tail end of our vacation in Phoenix.  You started planning it from the first week we arrived there.  You couldn’t decide if you wanted a tea party or a pool party.  Since you’d had a tea party before you went in favor of the pool party.  Lot’s of your Phx buddies were able to come; K-, S-, M-, M&M&m.

Several of our Phx friends now have babies or toddlers.  It was so much fun to watch you interact with them.  You love helping to take care of them and when in a group you tend to keep your eye on the littlest ones.  With a little more coaching and a little more time you are going to be an excellent babysitter.  In fact, I think many of our friends have you slated to start babysitting for them in a couple of years!!

You’re in the double digits now – a twinkie.  I’m not quite ready for that.  You are on the verge of so many things; shaving – something you desperately want to do but your fear of razors is holding you back, a real bra, preparing for youth group, acne, even your period.  Sigh.  My little red-headed, chubby baby girl is slipping away…  Oh I know that the baby in you has been gone for a long time but this year it seems more profound.  I see how tall you’re getting and I laugh at the fact that you can wear your cousin, Nikki’s, shoes (much to her chargrin).  I wonder how long I have until you’re taller than I am.  How much longer do I have before my phone is glued to your hand?  Or you spend hours in the bathroom getting ready?  Or you finally notice boys? 

You enjoyed 4th grade but it wasn’t really a stand-out year.  Nothing too remarkable happened.  You maintained your A/B honor roll – usually just one B away from straight A’s.  You started taking Spanish this year and have shown a great aptitude for picking up language.  It’s great listening to you practice.  The biggest surprise came at the end of the year… you won the 4th grade girls’ bike raffle!  You were thrilled to have the new purple bike waiting in your bedroom when we returned from Phx. 

You have many strengths – including the ability to easily memorize Scripture, but you also have some weaknesses.  Like many your age you struggle with keeping your room clean.  And asking you to complete any chore is, well, a chore in itself.  The hardest struggle has been with honesty.  Your default setting is “Lie” but you’re working to overcome that with “Truth”. 

I am proud of who you are and who you are becoming.  I know it sounds cheesy but you are like a flower that’s slowly unfolding.  Everyday we get glimpses of the lady inside.  My prayer this year is that you continue to guard your heart, grow in your faith and recognize your daily need for Him.

I love you Chickie, Happy Birthday!!


2 responses to “Better late than never….

  • littletiger

    Happy birthday Chickie! You are an awesome young lady and I can’t wait to see the woman you will grow up to be!

  • jaime

    i love it. so true and i can just see that little chubby face melting away into a beautiful young lady…with a heart that can just melt mine every time!

    love you chickie!

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