Let’s pretend that you’re driving on the freeway – long distance, none of this in town driving.  You’re cruising along when a fellow driver catches up to you and pulls right up behind you.  Do you:
a) pretend you can’t see him and continue driving 1/2 mph over the speed limit
b) slow down
c) wait an appropriate amount of time and then start to change lanes – only then noticing that he is also starting to change lanes and now you have to do the funny dance of “do I change lanes or is he”….
d) speed up and match the speed of the semi-truck in the lane next to you
e) do nothing because you’re already in the slow lane and he is free to pass you on the left


It took us over 30 minutes to pass a camper on the road.  He was in the fast lane and just *had* to pass just *one* more semi (while driving .2 mph faster than the semi).   There was a huge backup of cars waiting to pass by the time the camper passed the last semi.  And did he pull into the slower lane?  Heck no.  He let all of us pass him on the right. 

And now my laser is broken.  I think it needs a new flex capacitor.


One response to “Pew-pew-pew-pew!!

  • jaime

    he he…your laser. i love shooting lasers at other cars! we should be professional laser noise-makers!

    love you…miss you!

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