During the last 5 weeks I have been staying at my mother’s house.  It was only last week that she remembered that she had an extra internet cable that I could use.  Unfortunately it was located in the office that’s connected to her bedroom.  Which meant that it was only available during daylight hours.  Not my prime internet operating time… I prefer night surfing.  Even when I was able to get online things were just wonky…. I couldn’t access certain websites – like my own blog! 

I was starting think that somehow my account had gotten hijacked.  Although it beats me as to why anyone would want to steal a kungfuchicken blog… Now I am staying at my sister’s place and using her lovely wifi and I can once again access my blog.  Yay!  How do I cram 5 weeks of vacation into a blog now??   How can I remember everything we’ve done for the last 5 weeks??  I can’t.  What I can do is pine away for my hubby…


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