Missin’ my man

I have been back in Phoenix for 2 weeks and 1 day.  It seems like it has been much longer than that.  Maybe because I’ve been gone from home longer… I don’t know.  I have found that I can survive away from my hubby this long but I don’t much like it. 

My hubby and I have a good marriage.  We like to spend time together and we enjoy doing things with each other.  In fact, we met at work and continued to work at the same place for most of our marriage.  We carpooled, spent breaks together and then spent our evening together.  Until recently we had never spent much time apart – just a few days here and there.  When my hubby had to work in N.C. that was the first time we’d spent a week apart – and then we did again, and again, and again.  And I hated it.  I must have a very short term memory because why on earth did I think I could handle 2 months away?!


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