Monthly Archives: June 2009


This is Day 3 of Operation Kick-My-Butt!  On the drive out here my niece and I were talking about how we both wanted to get into better shape and she suggested that we should work out together.  Then she promptly left for California only to return and leave again for Vegas.  Now that she’s home – at least until Friday…. she has been keeping good on her promise.  She shows up at my door every night and drags my sorry butt around the neighborhood.  We’re even throwing in some jogging, lunges and arm and ab work.  By the time I get home I’m either going to be in great shape or dead.

I’m starting to think that my niece should look into getting a job at the fitness center.  She could start with some aerobics classes and work her way up to personal trainer.  I think she’d be good at it.  At least she’s been getting me motivated to sweat!


Missin’ my man

I have been back in Phoenix for 2 weeks and 1 day.  It seems like it has been much longer than that.  Maybe because I’ve been gone from home longer… I don’t know.  I have found that I can survive away from my hubby this long but I don’t much like it. 

My hubby and I have a good marriage.  We like to spend time together and we enjoy doing things with each other.  In fact, we met at work and continued to work at the same place for most of our marriage.  We carpooled, spent breaks together and then spent our evening together.  Until recently we had never spent much time apart – just a few days here and there.  When my hubby had to work in N.C. that was the first time we’d spent a week apart – and then we did again, and again, and again.  And I hated it.  I must have a very short term memory because why on earth did I think I could handle 2 months away?!


I had to pop over quickly to make a note of a momentous day!  My little Beans learned to swim today.  Every summer starts the same – she’s afraid to get splashed, afraid to get her face wet and won’t even think of jumping into the water.  By the end of the summer she’s jumping off of the side of the pool with floaties on her arms.  On occassion she will take off the floaties and attempt to swim from the steps to me – only an arm’s length away. 

Today was only her 3rd or 4th time in the pool this summer but today she had goggles!  Within minutes she was putting her face in the water and soon her whole head.  I suggested she try kicking at the same time to see what would happen.  In no time at all she was buzzing around the steps.  Convincing her to try it without the floaties took a little more coaxing.  Eventually she parted with them and took off like a fish!!

She can swim with her face in the water but does much better with the doggy paddle.  After three laps from the steps to me she announced that she wanted to tell Daddy.  We finished up the phone call and she was back in the pool – swimming all over.  Wow!  It was fun seeing her swim but even more fun to see how proud she was of her newest accomplishment.  Way to go Beans!  I am so proud of you.