Happy Birthday Boy!

Dear Son,

It’s so hard to believe that you are 8 years old today!!  Where did the time go?  You’ve gotten so mature and you’re growing like a weed.  It’s official – you no longer need to sit in a booster seat 🙂  You will be happy to hear that news. 

In a few days you’ll wrap up 2nd grade and your last year in public school.  You’ve had an awesome teacher this year that has encouraged you to do your very best.  She enrolled you in an after school class that has helped to boost your reading confidence.  In fact, at the last conference she said that you are a strong 2nd grade reader!  You even asked for a book for your birthday this year.  You love the Wimpy Kid series.  You have books 1,2,3 and just got the Do-It-Yourself book for your birthday.  I’m glad that you’ve found something that you enjoy reading.

You still enjoy riding your bike and your mini-bike as well as playing basketball and four square.  Although if you don’t win at four square you’re likely to stomp off and pout.  Gotta work on that kiddo 🙂  As much as you enjoy being active your favorite passtime is still video games – whether it’s on the Nintendo 64, the Wii or your new DS. 

Your knowledge at church is growing by leaps and bounds too.  You’ve learned all of the Old Testament books and know several verses by heart.  I think you’ve memorized all of our songs too.  Quiet time at home has also been a growing time for you.

Even though you’re getting older you still love to snuggle.  Throughout the day you’ll wrap your arms around me and give me a squeeze.  I cherish each one – not knowing when suddenly you’ll be ‘too cool’ for Mom.  I love you so much!!

Happy Birthday!


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