Changes part deux

Remember this post?  I just went back and re-read it and in light of recent developments it’s quite interesting.

Especially the beginning of this paragraph:
All of these confirmations and yet I feel like I’m sitting here with my fingers in my ears saying “La la la la la I can’t hear you Lord la la la.”  I’m afraid that He’s going to say, “No, you need to stay here.” 

I did have my fingers in my ears.  Up to my knuckles even!  I think a better comparison would be to imagine a child that’s just asked Papa for a cookie and all she heard was ‘Yes’ and went running for the cookie jar instead of hearing the rest of the sentence, “Yes, after dinner.”

Yeah, I was disobedient in not listening to the rest of what God had to say about our move.  It’s not time yet.  We will not be loading up a moving truck next weekend.  In fact, we’re not sure when we’ll be doing that.  Perhaps two more years. 

Last Thursday our move was heavy on my heart and I spent the day off and on in prayer.  By the time my hubby came home I knew that we needed to wait on the move.  As soon as I told him what was on my mind he started crying.  He said that he had also been in prayer and that God told him I would tell him we needed to wait to move.  Such confirmation!!  That afternoon we went in to see our pastor (also my boss and good friend) to let him know what was going on.  After some discussion he told us that he had also been praying for us and that the impression he kept getting from God was ‘Slow’.  Another confirmation that things were going too quickly and we needed to slow down and listen to God.

I am eager to be in Phoenix but more eager to follow His will.  I know that friends and family will be disappointed but I am hoping that they will be encouraged in their faith (Rom. 1:12) through our obedience and faith. 

Next weekend my niece will be flying in to town and she and I and the kids will be driving to Phoenix for an extended vacation.  As of right now we don’t have any firm plans for how long we will stay but I can say it will be longer than a week or two.  I am looking forward to spending time with my friends and family!!


4 responses to “Changes part deux

  • Alyssa B-D

    Good for you for listening — these are the times we look back on that God does amazing things, when we listen and do without questioning. Can’t wait to see you on vacation! 🙂

  • kaypanda

    It’s funny that you said Shawn kept getting “slow”, because I kept hearing “too fast” and I wasn’t sure if it was just me wanting you guys to stay, so I just kept praying for God to show you both His will and to help me be as supportive as I could. I’m glad you are staying and looking forward to more wonderful memories. When it is time, I will continue to try to be as supportive as I can. I hope you can continue to hear God’s will and be willing to follow, wherever it may lead.

  • littletiger

    Okay – I had to take a day and think about what you wrote – I’ll miss you terribly, but I’m so glad that you are listening to God and what He’s saying to you. Hopefully, you will still be here this summer when Jae arrives so you can meet my new son! If not, he’ll get to hear about you and the kiddos a lot! In any case, keep listening to God and what He has for you!

  • zanne

    wow. i admire you guys for being so brave–it’s not easy to change the plan this late in the game, even when you hear God clearly. there may be lots of (loud!) voices asking you if you’re sure, or even telling you you’re wrong. and andi i really admire you for being transparent about the whole thing.

    you guys rock! may God bless you and continue to give you peace and clarity!

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