Beans reminded me this morning that I needed to finish telling her the story of “Jack and the Beanstalk”.  I had started telling her the story Friday morning while we were waiting for the bus.  She was enthralled with the giant beanstalk that grew up through the clouds.  Jack had just spotted the giant’s house when the bus pulled up.  She was eager to hear what he would find. 

She was eating her cereal while I continued the story this morning.  When the giant appeared on the scene she slipped out of her seat into the safety of my arms.  Her eyes were wide with terror and her arms wrapped around me when we got to “Fee Fi Fo Fum”…  I tried hard not to chuckle at how serious she was and how much she was enjoying this simple story. 

As the giant chased Jack down the beanstalk she stopped putting on her jacket (yes, we’re still wearing jackets here) and froze.  That brief moment – that pause between the giant coming and Jack using his axe – that moment of uncertainty…..  I would have loved to have captured her look on film.  I know that someday – probably soon – she won’t believe in giants thundering around in the clouds or mermaids or fairies.  But right now she does.  And it’s beautiful.


One response to “Storytelling

  • littletiger

    I can’t wait to see her again! See all your kids again – and soon you’ll be able to see my son and share stories with him – I have to admit I’m really looking forward to telling him stories and laughing with him and all the joys of watching a child grow up. Thanks for reminding me of all that joy – too often all we hear are the warnings and fears.

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