In less than a month I could be back in Phoenix.  The last time we drove cross country my biggest concern was the actual drive.  This time it’s more about the landing.  I am eager to see my family and my friends but at the same time I’m a little wary.  I don’t want to “pick up where we left off” so to speak.  Two years isn’t a huge amount of time but it’s enough for people to grow and to change.  I’m already seeing signs that my family wants to put me in the same role – this is who you are and how we expect you to act.  Am I prepared to stand up for myself?

What about my friendships?  I think the easy part will be the comfort, the hard part will be the two years of different experiences.  That and them getting used to my name 😉  I have used a nickname, Andi, since elementary school but during college I began to prefer my full name, Andrea.  I used my full name at school and at work but stayed Andi to friends and family.  When we moved here it was the perfect opportunity to start using my full name.  My hubby has already told me he can’t wait to switch back to Andi.  Really?  Do I have to? 

Totally random things to be thinking about when I have so many other things to focus on.  Perhaps it’s just my way of distracting myself from all the stress.


3 responses to “Apprehensive

  • Alyssa B-D

    I have faith in your ability to define yourself as you go along, Andrea!

    🙂 –Alyssa (Who used to be Lyssie)

  • kaypanda

    These are all important concerns. You’re defining who you are and where you fit into the world. You want to be your own person and respected for it. There is nothing wrong with that. I know you will get across what needs to be communicated. There will definately be some adjustments in the beginning. Have faith, you’ll get there!

  • littletiger

    I’ve been through going away and changing and then coming back to family expecting you to be the same – my best suggestion when you start to feel yourself falling back into the same old roles – take a step back – and remind yourself that you have changed and that they just need to get used to the new you – they haven’t seen you grow over the last 2 years just as you haven’t seen them grow either. It’ll be a growth experience for you all. Just stick to your guns and continue to grow the way you have.

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