Newer isn't always better

Our newest car has been giving us fits as of late.  We had a meeting at church Sunday afternoon and when we got in the car and turned the key…. it turned over a few times and died.  No amount of prodding, stomping on the gas, poking under the hood, or threats could get it started.  She was put into timeout and told to think about her recent behavior.

That worked.  For about a day.

Monday morning she started right up and I was able to drive her home where she promptly started pouting again.  My hubby tried every trick he knew and checked every gadget.  Finally he cleaned some gizzywich and she started right up.  Several times.

He was feeling quite sure of himself so he insisted we take the car out.  Even though I had an appointment to keep.  I’m sure you’ve already figured it out… We stopped at Arby’s (where they are now serving wonderful blackberry iced tea) and when we piled back in the car and turned the key… dead as a doornail.

Argh!  and &#$^&@&*($ car! and death stares to my hubby! 

I called my private taxi company, a.k.a. kaypanda, and she came to my rescue for the 2nd time in one week.  Bless her! 

My hubby is now sitting in the parking lot waiting for the tow truck to arrive.  Soooooo glad we have roadside!  Now I just need to get a pest control service…. As I was typing this I heard very loud crunching coming from my pantry.  Sigh….. (and EW!)


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