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Happy Birthday Boy!

Dear Son,

It’s so hard to believe that you are 8 years old today!!  Where did the time go?  You’ve gotten so mature and you’re growing like a weed.  It’s official – you no longer need to sit in a booster seat 🙂  You will be happy to hear that news. 

In a few days you’ll wrap up 2nd grade and your last year in public school.  You’ve had an awesome teacher this year that has encouraged you to do your very best.  She enrolled you in an after school class that has helped to boost your reading confidence.  In fact, at the last conference she said that you are a strong 2nd grade reader!  You even asked for a book for your birthday this year.  You love the Wimpy Kid series.  You have books 1,2,3 and just got the Do-It-Yourself book for your birthday.  I’m glad that you’ve found something that you enjoy reading.

You still enjoy riding your bike and your mini-bike as well as playing basketball and four square.  Although if you don’t win at four square you’re likely to stomp off and pout.  Gotta work on that kiddo 🙂  As much as you enjoy being active your favorite passtime is still video games – whether it’s on the Nintendo 64, the Wii or your new DS. 

Your knowledge at church is growing by leaps and bounds too.  You’ve learned all of the Old Testament books and know several verses by heart.  I think you’ve memorized all of our songs too.  Quiet time at home has also been a growing time for you.

Even though you’re getting older you still love to snuggle.  Throughout the day you’ll wrap your arms around me and give me a squeeze.  I cherish each one – not knowing when suddenly you’ll be ‘too cool’ for Mom.  I love you so much!!

Happy Birthday!


Changes part deux

Remember this post?  I just went back and re-read it and in light of recent developments it’s quite interesting.

Especially the beginning of this paragraph:
All of these confirmations and yet I feel like I’m sitting here with my fingers in my ears saying “La la la la la I can’t hear you Lord la la la.”  I’m afraid that He’s going to say, “No, you need to stay here.” 

I did have my fingers in my ears.  Up to my knuckles even!  I think a better comparison would be to imagine a child that’s just asked Papa for a cookie and all she heard was ‘Yes’ and went running for the cookie jar instead of hearing the rest of the sentence, “Yes, after dinner.”

Yeah, I was disobedient in not listening to the rest of what God had to say about our move.  It’s not time yet.  We will not be loading up a moving truck next weekend.  In fact, we’re not sure when we’ll be doing that.  Perhaps two more years. 

Last Thursday our move was heavy on my heart and I spent the day off and on in prayer.  By the time my hubby came home I knew that we needed to wait on the move.  As soon as I told him what was on my mind he started crying.  He said that he had also been in prayer and that God told him I would tell him we needed to wait to move.  Such confirmation!!  That afternoon we went in to see our pastor (also my boss and good friend) to let him know what was going on.  After some discussion he told us that he had also been praying for us and that the impression he kept getting from God was ‘Slow’.  Another confirmation that things were going too quickly and we needed to slow down and listen to God.

I am eager to be in Phoenix but more eager to follow His will.  I know that friends and family will be disappointed but I am hoping that they will be encouraged in their faith (Rom. 1:12) through our obedience and faith. 

Next weekend my niece will be flying in to town and she and I and the kids will be driving to Phoenix for an extended vacation.  As of right now we don’t have any firm plans for how long we will stay but I can say it will be longer than a week or two.  I am looking forward to spending time with my friends and family!!


Beans reminded me this morning that I needed to finish telling her the story of “Jack and the Beanstalk”.  I had started telling her the story Friday morning while we were waiting for the bus.  She was enthralled with the giant beanstalk that grew up through the clouds.  Jack had just spotted the giant’s house when the bus pulled up.  She was eager to hear what he would find. 

She was eating her cereal while I continued the story this morning.  When the giant appeared on the scene she slipped out of her seat into the safety of my arms.  Her eyes were wide with terror and her arms wrapped around me when we got to “Fee Fi Fo Fum”…  I tried hard not to chuckle at how serious she was and how much she was enjoying this simple story. 

As the giant chased Jack down the beanstalk she stopped putting on her jacket (yes, we’re still wearing jackets here) and froze.  That brief moment – that pause between the giant coming and Jack using his axe – that moment of uncertainty…..  I would have loved to have captured her look on film.  I know that someday – probably soon – she won’t believe in giants thundering around in the clouds or mermaids or fairies.  But right now she does.  And it’s beautiful.

Taking a break

I’ve been busy packing and doing all of those things you have to do when preparing for a move.  No need to go into detail – they’re not very thrilling to do much less read about someone else doing them.  Just know that I am busy. 

I took a break and sat down at my kitchen table.  While looking out the back window I realized how much I’m going to miss that view.

Green!  The real green - not the fake desert green.

Green! The real green - not the fake desert green.


In less than a month I could be back in Phoenix.  The last time we drove cross country my biggest concern was the actual drive.  This time it’s more about the landing.  I am eager to see my family and my friends but at the same time I’m a little wary.  I don’t want to “pick up where we left off” so to speak.  Two years isn’t a huge amount of time but it’s enough for people to grow and to change.  I’m already seeing signs that my family wants to put me in the same role – this is who you are and how we expect you to act.  Am I prepared to stand up for myself?

What about my friendships?  I think the easy part will be the comfort, the hard part will be the two years of different experiences.  That and them getting used to my name 😉  I have used a nickname, Andi, since elementary school but during college I began to prefer my full name, Andrea.  I used my full name at school and at work but stayed Andi to friends and family.  When we moved here it was the perfect opportunity to start using my full name.  My hubby has already told me he can’t wait to switch back to Andi.  Really?  Do I have to? 

Totally random things to be thinking about when I have so many other things to focus on.  Perhaps it’s just my way of distracting myself from all the stress.

Newer isn't always better

Our newest car has been giving us fits as of late.  We had a meeting at church Sunday afternoon and when we got in the car and turned the key…. it turned over a few times and died.  No amount of prodding, stomping on the gas, poking under the hood, or threats could get it started.  She was put into timeout and told to think about her recent behavior.

That worked.  For about a day.

Monday morning she started right up and I was able to drive her home where she promptly started pouting again.  My hubby tried every trick he knew and checked every gadget.  Finally he cleaned some gizzywich and she started right up.  Several times.

He was feeling quite sure of himself so he insisted we take the car out.  Even though I had an appointment to keep.  I’m sure you’ve already figured it out… We stopped at Arby’s (where they are now serving wonderful blackberry iced tea) and when we piled back in the car and turned the key… dead as a doornail.

Argh!  and &#$^&@&*($ car! and death stares to my hubby! 

I called my private taxi company, a.k.a. kaypanda, and she came to my rescue for the 2nd time in one week.  Bless her! 

My hubby is now sitting in the parking lot waiting for the tow truck to arrive.  Soooooo glad we have roadside!  Now I just need to get a pest control service…. As I was typing this I heard very loud crunching coming from my pantry.  Sigh….. (and EW!)