Whew!  Now that’s out of the way I can whine about how tired I am of packing!

Actually, it’s going quite smoothly.  My hubby brings home a carload of boxes every night and the next morning I pack them up.  I have most of the living room packed… only a shelf or two of books left.  We got smart this time and we’re using the small boxes that copy paper comes in to load up my book collection.  I tend to just put them all in one big box and then it takes two men to carry the box.  I’ve also tackled the kids’ craft cabinet and most of my scrapbooking/stamping supplies. 

I’m praying that things continue to flow smoothly during this entire process.  We still have unknowns with my hubby’s job and with what our living situation will be when we arrive in Phoenix.  One step at a time… I’m doing what I can and that… is packing.


3 responses to “Packing

  • kaypanda

    Let me know if you want a packing buddy!

  • Michele

    whoops! I was here yesterday catching up with you and meant to leave a comment, but I think I got distracted somehow and closed the browser before I commented LOL

    How exciting about your move! My friend/neighbor is moving on Saturday (just to a different neighborhood about 5 minutes away) and as she’s packing and planning I keep wishing it was ME who was getting a fresh new start. 🙂

  • jaime

    you can live with me 🙂 i’m just going to be so happy to get it back!

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