Holding pattern

Picture that you’re crossing a stream by jumping from rock to rock except that you’re doing it in pitch black with someone else holding the flashlight.  They light up each rock you’re to jump to but only one at a time and only just before you jump.  Now you’re in the middle of the stream – standing in the dark – waiting and trusting that the next rock is going to be revealed.

That’s where I am right now.  I’ve crossed many streams with God and each time He has been faithful in showing me the way one rock at a time.  The darkness can feel overwhelming – terrifying – dizzying – thick – neverending.  But all it takes is a tiny pinprick of light to reassure that there is indeed a Guide and that He knows the way.  Many times my friends are standing along the banks – reflecting the Light – encouraging me and praying. 

While I’m frustrated and impatient and unsure I’m also very grateful for all of my friends that are praying for me and my family during this time in our lives.

I also think about how everybody’s stream is different.  I have a dear friend right now that is balanced above a raging river that is waiting to sweep her off and drown her.  She’s perched on a tiny rock in the middle of the river and she’s been telling the Guide that she doesn’t want to go where He’s showing her.  He wants to flood the night with Sonlight for her. 

I didn’t mean for this post to be heavy – in fact, I just wanted to thank my friends for the encouragement and prayers.  However.  I was reminded how there is a spiritual battle going on all around us.  I ask you – right now – to take some time to pray for your family and friends.  There is so much power in prayer.  I think at times that I take that for granted.  He hasn’t left us stranded in the dark but has given us the power of prayer.


One response to “Holding pattern

  • littletiger

    Thanks Andi – there are times we forget how important it is to pray for our friends and family – because that prayer can be such an encouragement to everyone. I’m praying for you my friend! And I’m grateful for the friendship we’ve had over these past three years!

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