Walking a mile in her shoes

I recently made a new friend via my Sunday school class.  She and her husband live about 6 houses away and they have a preschool aged son.  It has been fun getting to know them and her husband never fails to get us laughing. 

A few weeks back I learned that she is allergic to wheat and has to avoid it.  This is something she was diagnosed with as an adult so she knows what she’s missing out on.  Last Thursday, while we were in Lynchburg visiting our friends, we went to a store that carried a full aisle of wheat and gluten free foods – including mixes (pizza dough, chocolate chip cookies, brownies….).  I thought it would be fun to buy the cookie mix, cook up a batch and surprise her in class this morning with a treat she’s allowed to have.

So.  I got up early and cranked up the mixer.  It was a simple recipe – just add some butter and an egg – mix and bake.  After dropping the last dough ball on the baking stone I couldn’t resist scraping the last bit of dough and popping it my mouth.  This could possibly be one of the largest mistakes I have ever made.  Seriously.  If you ever find yourself making wheat/gluten free cookies DO NOT BE TEMPTED TO TASTE THE DOUGH.  Just don’t.  I cannot stress that enough.  I was gagging and dry heaving into the sink while my husband stood by, “It’s not so bad…”  “JUST HOLD MY HAIR YOU IDIOT!”  Even typing this is making my stomach hurt.  I could not get that dough out of my mouth fast enough.  Unfortunately it’s very sticky and it had adhered to the roof of my mouth.  When the dry heaving stopped I ran for the bathroom, shoved my poor son with a mouth full of toothpaste out of my way, grabbed my spare toothbrush (what?  you think I’m ruining my good one?!) and brushed and brushed and gagged and brushed.  Even after all of that I was still queasy and I swear I could still taste it.  (yes Jaime – it was worse than that time you tasted sourkraut.  way worse.)

I did bring the cookies to church and my friend said they were delicious.  She ate two of them and took the rest home.  I may have to destroy the plate they were sitting on….  I told her about that morning’s dough experience and she said, “oh yes, you should never taste the dough.”   

Learn from my experience and consider yourself warned. 
Now I need to go brush my teeth again.


3 responses to “Walking a mile in her shoes

  • littletiger

    wow – it sounds awful – I’ll have to remember not to ever eat the dough of gluten/wheat free cookies! LOLLL

  • Dan

    Oh. My. Goodness. It’s not often that I laugh at another person’s misfortune, but that was both informative and entertaining. I was laughing so hard right now that I was tearing up reading that aloud to Charity.

    Thanks for the advice.

    Miss you guys. 😉


  • jaime

    that is hilarious! i’m so sorry friend. worse than sourkraut…that is bad.

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