X Marks the Spot

Oh my goodness that was so much fun!!  We set out Thursday morning to go letterboxing with the kids.  We gathered up our supplies: one blank journal for each child plus one for me, a rubber stamp, an ink pad and a pen.  The hubby printed off the directions to three boxes that were in close proximity to each other and off we went.  The boxes were searching for were all up near Mill Mountain Star. 

millmtn1 The kids loved listening to each clue and then following the directions.  We found all three boxes and then headed to Lynchburg.  Our gracious friends helped us find the right locations to find several more boxes – including one at Point of Honor and one at the Miller-Claytor house (where Thomas Jefferson ate a tomato to the horror of local residents who believed the tomato to be poisonous!).  Several of the stamps we used in Lynchburg were handcarved to look like the location in which we found the boxes.  Incredible!

It was so much fun and it will be something we will continue to do with the kids.  I have a bunch of pictures that I will be uploaded to Facebook in the near future.  Stop by and take a gander….


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