Jury Purgatory

Once upon a time… okay it was only a few weeks ago.. my hubby received a letter in the mail informing him that he has been selected to serve on jury duty.  There was a form included in the letter to fill out and return.  Apparently he didn’t return the form letter in a timely fashion because we had a sheriff hand deliver the next summons.  They take their civil duties seriously ’round these parts.

Last night my hubby called the hotline to find out if he had to show up at court today.  Yes, they needed jurors.  (rural jurors no less 😉  He went down to the courthouse this morning to discover – NO JURY.  Apparently there was a glitch in the system and they don’t need jurors today – but please call back tonight re: tomorrow.  Uh what?  Upon closer inspection of the jury summons letter it states that he has been selected to serve on jury duty for the “jury term” lasting approximately ONE WHOLE MONTH.  Whether he actually serves on a jury or not he has to call in every night for the next month and show up any time they need jurors.  His employer is going to love that.  There goes our spring break plans too.  I think that this jury duty plan was invented by the same people who design mall parking lots.


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