Nap time?

I just had a strange encounter while driving home.  I was on a small residential street just a few blocks from my house when I pulled up to a four-way stop.  There was a car already stopped on my left so I came to a complete stop and waited for them to proceed…. When they didn’t move I took a closer look and realized that the woman driver was bent over and appeared to be doing something under the passenger dash.  I went ahead and drove through the intersection but glanced back at the driver and then realized from my new vantage point that the driver was actually passed out.  I flipped a quick u-turn and as I approached the intersection again two residents came out of their home and also approached the stopped car.  By this time I pulled up right next to the car and watched them knock on the car window.  Not getting a response one of the good samaritans dialed 911 on her cell while the other one tried the doors.  The driver’s door was unlocked so she reached in and turned off the vehicle.  When she closed the door the driver’s head popped up and she looked around.  She quickly started the car and tried to leave but the good samaritan said, “NO!  Are you okay?”  The driver nodded and said, “I’m fine, I’m fine.” and drove off.  The other good samaritan relayed the license plate number to the 911 operator and I headed off to home.  I’m not sure if the driver just nodded off and was embarrassed or if she was under the influence of something…. odd… very odd.


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