Is it too soon to call it a success?

Remember that problem I had?  The one where I couldn’t keep Beans in her bed long enough to fall asleep?  Seems like it was just yesterday….. HA!  Now it’s more like it was the day before yesterday because yesterday I had success!

All I had to do was to think back to the last time I wanted her to do something and how did I convince her?  Think back…. way back…. potty training!!!  I tried everything. 

Don’t wet your new undies./This is the last time I’m going to cover you up.  Didn’t work.

Here are some new books to read on the potty./Here are some new books to read in bed.  Didn’t work.

Putting her on the pot every 30 minutes./Putting her back in bed repeatedly.  Didn’t work.

If you go in the pot instead of your undies I’ll give you MM’s./Stay in bed tonight and you’ll earn a star.  Five stars gets you your own MM’s.  WORKED!!!!

<doing the happy dance>  She stayed up without so much as a whine.  This morning the first words out of her mouth were, “I stayed in bed!  Where’s my star?”  And, as an added bonus, because she actually got enough sleep last night she was much more pleasant this morning and she dressed herself!  <still doing the happy dance… until…>

My two older kids leave for their bus about 20 minutes before Beans has to catch her bus.  They typically load up their backpacks, get their jackets (yes, we still have to wear jackets here.  shut up.), and then they let themselves out the front door.  This morning I heard them open the door and then “MINI!  Oh, no.  MAX get back here!”  Sigh.  The dogs.  They ran.  Again.  Keep in mind that they need to leave to get their bus, I’m still getting Beans ready and I don’t have any shoes on.  I sent them on their way to their stop, gave Beans instructions to finish breakfast and brush her teeth, threw on my boots, grabbed a leash and ran out the door.  (i remembered to grab a jacket too.  i’m a wimp.)  Thank goodness for all the kids gathered for the bus!  The dogs were literally leaping with happiness at all the kids to lick.  I was about 1/2 a block away when the bus pulled up and Max decided he should get on the bus and lick all of those kids too!  Really, it was funny.  I couldn’t get a leash on him fast enough.  The walk home was quite fun with two danes large enough to draw and quarter me if they so decided.  But they knew they were busted and they were trying to get as close to me as they could.  Nothing like being in a dane sandwich.

Yeah, so I’m going to go get coffee with my girlfriend now.  I’m choosing to celebrate my victory and hope the caffeine high will help me forget the dog fiasco.


4 responses to “Is it too soon to call it a success?

  • kaypanda

    Yay, you go girl! Hurray for gold stars and M&M’s! There’s got to be a way to make that work with just about anything in life…who wouldn’t want a gold star and chocolate? I’d definately go for the chocolate rewards! Enjoy your coffee and this wonderful weather! Tell Max and Mini they better start behaving themselves or I’m taking them off my favorite doggie list!

  • Dan

    Woot! Kudos on your clever bribes!

    The story about the dogs is hilarious. Wish you had pics. 😉


  • littletiger

    I can just imagine you in the “dane sandwich” Too funny!!!! And the idea of Max trying to get on the bus – that driver must have been worried! Great story!

  • jaime

    who doesn’t want gold stars and m&m’s…sounds like a good day to me!

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