Here's to Spring!

I grew up in Phoenix.  I’m used to three seasons; Wimpy Cold, Hot and Hotter.  You don’t get a lot of fluctuation in the weather.  One day it’s hot, the next day it gets hotter, then a little hotter, maybe lots of clouds and two drops of rain, then right back to hot.  It’s predictable. 

That’s been the hard part about living in Virginia.  We can go from winter coats, snow boots and scarves to shorts, t-shirts and flip flops in one week.  And then back again.  Oh, wait, just kidding… it’s warm again.  Now it’s windy.  Let’s add some rain.  Sunshine!  Confusing?  You betcha!

This picture was taken out my back door in the beginning of March.

A couple weeks later and here we are with a gorgeous spring day.  I found it to be a little deceptive.  I was prepared to work in the yard wearing capris and a t-shirt but I quickly found it that it was still a little too chilly for that.  The kids were fine in shorts but I had to switch back to my trusty jeans.  Doesn’t matter what I was wearing – we got a lot done!  The kids pruned two big bushes and helped dig holes for the new flowers.  My hubby installed 6 solar powered lights along the walkway.  We also cleaned up the planter next to the porch and planted some wildflower seeds.  I can’t wait to see those grow.  Now this is what our front yard looks like.

As long as we don’t get any surprise snow we’ll be good!


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