Thursday update

Now that my hubby is back to his regular schedule Thursdays have become kind of blah.  As much as I hated to have him leave every week it was fun to anticipate his return on Thursday afternoons.  I would spruce up the house, dab on some perfume, put on my pearls and high heels…. ok, so just kidding on those last two – no ‘June Cleaver’ here.  But it was fun to create a relaxing sanctuary for him every weekend.  I may not get butterflies in my stomach every Thursday afternoon but I get still get my coffee fix in the morning!  (thanks to my weekly girlfriend coffee date!)

I am so grateful that my hubby has a secure job – and that it’s a job that he really enjoys.  His immediate supervisor is out on FMLA with his new baby.  My hubby got a call yesterday from his district super letting him know that he is the interim supervisor for his team!  Woo-hoo!  It’s great that the “powers that be” see that my hubby is working hard to move up in the company.  I believe it’s some time this summer that they will be adding another team and he has his name in the hat to be the super for that team.  It would be a boost in his career and only one step away from where he wants to be.  So awesome!

In other news, my parents should be here early next week.  They’re currently driving cross country – stopping first in Arkansas to be at my Grandpa’s wedding – then continuing the rest of the way here.  It’s fun knowing that they’re driving the same route we took to get here two years ago.  (So hard to believe that in June it will be two years.)  I wonder if they’ll notice the same things and if they’ll stay in the same cities.  I’d love to sneak in their car for the ride back to AZ!  Maybe for Christmas…


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