Nothing worse than being irritated

…unless it’s being irritated and wet!!!

You know these dogs of ours?  The ones that have chewed on things…. the ones that are racking up the vet bills…. yeah, those dogs.  They ran away this morning.  We were getting ready to go walk out the front door when Max decided to bolt out the door.  Not to be left behind – Mini quickly followed suit.  I yelled after them and my hubby whistled.  Mini looked back but Max checked her with his shoulder (as if to say “C’mon!”) and the both of them took off down the block.

Oh, did I mention that it was raining????  My hubby took off after them and I rounded up the kids and got them in the car.  I caught up with the hubby 2 blocks down and we stopped to listen… sure enough you could hear the neighborhood dogs all barking.  Following the sound we went down another street and began to cruise.  Chickie and Beans each watched out their windows and not too far down Beans spotted the dogs. 

The hubby grabbed their collars and started walking them home.  He said he got about 4 houses away when he let go of their collars and told them to “GO HOME!”  By the time he got to our house they were both cowering on the porch.  All I can say is hip dysplasia or not…. that girl can run!


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