Poor poochie

Our male great dane, Max, has had a limp in his front leg so when Mini, our female, started with the same limp we weren’t too concerned.  Our vet had informed us that great danes grow quickly (uh, yeah) and that it can cause some limping.  As long as Max continued his regular activities we didn’t need to be too concerned.  The vet also suggested that we add glucosamine and chondroitin to help with his joints. 

It was until she started limping in her back leg that we decided that she needed to see the vet.  I also noticed that when she was laying on the floor her back leg would twitch.  Her solution was to sleep on her back right next to the couch so her leg was wedged into the couch.  The extra pressure helped calm her leg.  She had some very expensive x-rays taken this morning and the results aren’t too great.  The examining vet believes that she has the beginnings of hip dysplasia and possibly some other unpronoucable thing that means she has inflamed bones.  We will know more when our primary vet is back in town on Wednesday and can review the films himself. 

In the meantime they have given her some anti-inflamitory drugs that seem to be working pretty good.  She’s limping less and much more active.  She’s also managed to put on 4 pounds in just under a week.  Considering that it took her 7 months to gain 7 pounds… this is great news!  She’s been Skinny Mini for too long!!

It appears that Max has outgrown his limp – unless he plays too hard for too long.  He hasn’t had a problem putting on the weight.  He’s a moose!  In some respects he’s still very much a baby.  He wants to be loved on and spoiled.  But he’s also become a stubborn teenager – testing his boundaries and bullying anyone smaller than him.  They both still chew on forbidden things.  It doesn’t seem to matter how many toys or chew bones they have… some things are just irresistable and they just – have – to – nibble!  We have found one new toy that amuses Max to no end.  The laser pointer.  He pounces like a cat and in general just goes nuts.  (Our cats on the other hand are not amused).  Mini looks at the dot on the ground, then up to the pointer in my hand and then looks to me as if to say, “yeah, so you made a red dot.  what am i supposed to do?”  She inherited the brains.  Max is just the ‘hired muscle’ to help her carry out her sneaky plans!


3 responses to “Poor poochie

  • jaime

    how sad about mini…hope the outlook isn’t what it seems it will be.

    miss you!

  • Matty


    Hip Displaysia is common in pure bred dogs of many breeds… tends to stem from the massive in-breeding required to keep up pure bloodlines (ever wonder why there were so many Down Syndrome kids in the Royal Families of Europe 2-300 years ago?)…

    My advice is to stay away from pure bred animals unless you intend to stud/breed them or show them. “Mutt”s have far fewer health problems, in general. And I think they have better temperament/personality as well 🙂

    Hope your babies get to feeling better.


  • kungfuchicken

    Yeah, it’s just common in Great Danes period. I didn’t care if they were pure bred or not… it was nearly impossible to find a Dane at all. We had to drive to N.C. to get our pups. And we bought from a family – not a breeder! Puppy mills and a lot of backyard breeders are just evil.

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