Magic changing act

Have you seen those quick change artists?  The ones that can throw confetti up in the air and before it all hits the ground they’re in a new outfit?  Or they wave a scarf in front of their assistant and suddenly her skimpy glittering two piece is a full length ballgown? 

I need to learn their secrets.

We started this week with snow.  Enough snow to close the schools for two days.  The last of the snow and ice in my yard melted Thursday afternoon.  Just a mere two days later and we’re all wearing shorts and t-shirts.  Today was beautiful.  It was the perfect day to be outside.  Not too hot, not too cold, just a light breeze…..

I’m not complaining about having to dig out shorts today but I’m leary of putting the winter coats away.  I’m afraid that as quickly as we were blessed with warm weather it will be snatched away and I’ll be crying about the cold again. 

Not only do I need to adapt to this strange weather…. tonight is daylight savings…. What is up with that?!  I like AZ’s take on it.  Just leave the darn clocks alone already!  I use my cellphone as my alarm clock so I won’t need to figure out if we’re going forwards or backwards or sideways.  I won’t even have to set the clock at all.  The only reason I have to even remember that it’s daylight savings is because there is now a THREE hour difference between me and all of my friends and family in Arizona.  Bleh.  Why don’t you all get off your lazy bums and reset your clocks so we can stick with a two hour difference?!


2 responses to “Magic changing act

  • zanne

    HA! i was SO paranoid about getting to church on time this morning! i set my alarm clock ahead last night although i halfway thought it would make the change itself and i’d end up an hour EARLY to work instead of an hour late (it didn’t). everyone (including mr. greco, who has the same phone as i do) told me that my new phone would just change automatically instead of being turned off and on. huh. got a text from him at 6:30 am: “WARNING! your phone DOES have to be turned off and back on again to have the right time. are you awake?”

    and the kitchen clock, which i counted on to not be changed yet, turned out to have been re-set by my dear, thoughtful daughter. it was dark & cold, and i had NO idea what time it actually was. well, i did once i figured out the phone thing…

    still. what a pain. and now we’re entering into the time of year where i have to be reminded to cook dinner before 8:30, because it’s so light outside i think it’s still afternoon.


  • jaime

    yeah, i like az’s take too. i like not worrying about it 🙂

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