Snow and stuff

In case you haven’t seen the weather report on the news… the east coast has been hit with some snow.  And the west coast is enjoying some seriously warm weather.  I’d toss ya’ll a snowball but I think it would melt before it would get there!

I don’t mind the snow… it’s pretty and it crunches under your feet.  But much like the effect that rain has on AZ drivers, snow effects the school districts here.  Snow?  Close the schools!!  Now granted, I can understand that when there’s ice on the roads you don’t want a bus full of kids going up and down the hills… but the roads were plenty clear this morning and still no school.  I’m not even complaining about the kids being home.  It’s my schedule that’s out of whack.  What day is it??  I’m on my 4th Saturday… which is great until I realize that I have work to finish by tomorrow evening.

Which probably means I should stop stalling and actually get to work….


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