Yea!  Yesterday didn’t turn out as horrible as I feared it would…  whew!  Thanks for all the prayers friends. 

In about two hours my hubby will be home – actually more like one hour and 50 minutes but who’s counting?  I’ve been working hard this week with various home stuff so that when he gets home he can enjoy his three-day weekend.  It feels so good to have gotten so much done.  That in itself is rewarding but the bonus is going to be seeing my hubby be able to chill and hang out with the sickies – I mean, kids.

In other news, our church is having an open house this Sunday.  We’re all inviting friends to come check us out.  We’ve all been busy sprucing up our Sunday school classrooms and making things more welcoming.  I’ll admit I’m a little biased but I think our classroom rocks.  We’re the only adult classroom with a couch, armchairs, paintings, music….  I know that it’s not all about the physical building but if that’s one step to making a guest feel comfortable so they can focus on the bigger picture then I’m all about doing it up big!

In still in other news…. my son is infatuated with time – specifically his watch.  He loves to run around the house to the different clocks and compare the time with his watch.  He’s amazed when his watch has the correct time.  Imagine that… a timepiece that you can strap to your wrist that KEEPS time!  wow.  I’m trying not to let it drive me batty that he constantly wants to tell me what time it is or how long until XYZ event or that the kitchen clock is one minute slower than my computer clock.  He has a couple of cheap watches that don’t keep time very well at all and he’s finally figured out how to re-set the time on his own – probably because his mom got tired of doing it for him every 9.3 minutes.   I think I may invest in a nice watch for him for his birthday… an indestructible, waterproof, satellite aligned time keeper.  So you know, if you have any suggestions for a good brand….


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